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“With Italy, For Italy”: A project launched by Lamborghini for the love of the country

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“With Italy, For Italy”: A project launched by Lamborghini for the love of the country

Lamborghini launched, in collaboration with 20 internationally renowned Italian photographers, the special project “With Italy, For Italy”. This photographic journey represents 20 models from Lamborghini and celebrates the ethos, beauty, and uniqueness of 20 regions in the country that were severely affected by COVID-19.

Signature Luxury has the pleasure to interview Katia Bassi, the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Lamborghini, on this campaign.

“With Italy, for Italy”, what are the main reasons behind this new campaign? and why is it important for Lamborghini to be part of it? in other words, what are the objectives of it and its consequences on the brand?

With Italy for Italy is a large-scale photographic and cultural project, celebrating the treasures of Italy and highlighting the country’s unique qualities throughout its 20 regions. It was inspired by the objective of reinvigorating Italy’s image, sending a positive signal of rebirth during the Covid-19 emergency.

We are in a difficult period, as our home country still faces a serious health and economic crisis. In this context, we felt a strong responsibility to put the strength of our brand at the service of our land. We are an icon of Made in Italy with powerful communication channels, we can consider our brand as a sort of top influencer with millions of followers all over the world. Therefore, we decided to use our privileged position, combined with the talent of Italian artists, to help boost Italy’s image at a global level. This is our act of love and support for our country.

Why did you choose 20 photographers? and how was the progress of the working process?

20 is the number of the Italian Regions. 20 artists for 20 Regions with 20 Lamborghini. The scope of work was also to explore a brand new artistic language, trying to create a different story-telling than the typical automotive one. That would have been only possible bringing together artists from various contemporary photography disciplines. In the team there are only two car photographers, all the others come from photojournalism, documentary, social, fashion photography, staged, architecture or landscape photography. The diversity also emphasizes, through very different approaches, our amazingly variegated land and captures the country’s multifaceted essence through different styles and creative visions.

The scouting and selection phase lasted one month: it started at the beginning of May, exactly when we reopened our factory after seven weeks of stopping due to the first phase of the pandemic emergency. It concluded at the end of that month and was conducted in collaboration with Stefano Guindani, a renowned Italian fashion photographer, appointed as Art Director of the project.

Which Lamborghini range of cars is this project featuring?

The project featured the current Lamborghini range: from the latest in hybrid technology, the Sián Roadster, to the ultra-high-performance Aventador SVJ, the Urus Super SUV and the agile Huracán EVO in all its versions: Spyder, coupé, all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. Joining this colorful cast of super sports cars were classic models such as Miura, Countach and Diablo.

What are the challenges you faced in this campaign knowing the big problems facing the world today (covid-19, environmental, economic…)?

No big challenges: we planned the activity during the lockdown and once mobility and circulation among Regions was possible again, we were ready with logistics and cars. We gave total freedom to the photographers from the definition of the locations and the story they decided to tell. We wanted them to express their art without any constraint. They tried to give their own interpretation of the land by touching some of the most important cities, but also showing some unexplored and hidden places. The people present in some shots were locals, as in a typical photojournalistic style.

What characterizes your social media strategy? especially that in car industry, physically experience prevails for customers.

Social media are a fundamental tool at the base of our marketing and communication strategy. Today, in light of the push and strong acceleration that technologies and digital world at large are undertaking, they have become even more relevant. Social media allow us to reach millions of our real lovers around the world and keep alive the relationship of passion and trust established over the years. We are present on all the main platforms and have grown exponentially in recent times: Instagram is the most successful social network for Lamborghini, in just one year it has gone from 23 to 28 million followers, numbers that place it at the top of the ranking of the most popular luxury supersport brands on social media. On Facebook Lamborghini has 12.9 million fans, while on YouTube the growth has gone from 1.1 million fans to the current 1.6. And today the strategy and growth objectives continue with the entry into TikTok: we are the first company in the luxury super sports car sector to have entered with its own official profile on this platform chosen by Generation Z and Millennials.