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Ultra-luxury private island, The Nautilus Maldives has launched a programme of immersive cultural experiences across the islands of the Baa Atoll. Through curated free-spirited adventures, guests are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and take part in transformative experiences that embrace Maldivian culture and traditions. Taking guests beyond the white sandy beaches and typical tourist activities these extraordinary journeys in the captivating Baa Atoll include interactions with local people, providing guests with insights into various aspects of island life, including culture, traditions, nature, language, and cuisine.

The Nautilus prides itself on tailoring bespoke experiences to suit the unique preferences of its guests – whether they prefer adventure, culture, or are looking for more than a beachside trip. Guests will journey on one of The Nautilus’s luxury yachts to visit the carefully selected islands and communities.


Discover the roots at the Kendhoo

Situated in the northwest of the Baa Atoll, Kendhoo is shaped by influences from Indian, Arab, and Southeast Asian merchants. Once a hub along maritime routes, the island offers guests the chance to explore the streets, sample local cuisine, and visit landmarks such as the 800-year-old house associated with Abdul Barakaath Yoosuf al Barbary, an Islamic scholar known for his prayers.

Coconut leaf weaving at Kihaadhoo

At Kihaadhoo Island, visitors can engage in the traditional art of coconut leaf weaving, a skill passed down through generations in the Maldives. By actively participating alongside the island’s residents, guests will learn how to make baskets, hats, and decorative pieces from coconut leaves.

Creating lacquerware with artisans at Thulhaadhoo

Guests can travel to the southern tip of the Baa Atoll to visit Thulhaadhoo Island, known for its traditional lacquerware craftsmanship. Local artisans demonstrate the details of this ancient art, which includes decorating items with colorful designs inspired by the Maldives’ marine life and environment. Guests can also try crafting their own pieces as a personalized souvenir from their visit.

Diving in the waters of Dhonfanu

Guests can experience diving in on the Baa Atoll’s premier spots – Dhonfanu; home to coral gardens and diverse marine life. There is a high chance guests will encounter manta rays and whale sharks during the dive. 

Poetic experiences in Dharavandhoo

Guests can visit Dharavandhoo island, which has a rich tradition of Maldivian poetry, where locals celebrate history and folklore through storytelling, emotions, beliefs, and aspirations in the form of poetry.