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MADLY Bespoke Jeweller makes their dazzling Dubai debut

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MADLY Bespoke Jeweller makes their dazzling Dubai debut

MADLY Bespoke Jeweller, an internationally acclaimed jeweler celebrated for its vibrant colored gems and one-of-a-kind designs, is poised to captivate Dubai with the unveiling of their new store.

This marks the first steps of MADLY’s international expansion. Their biggest space yet, the Dubai Experience Centre is a haven for those seeking the finest 0.1% colored gemstones, unparalleled jewelry craftsmanship, and unique, bespoke designs. MADLY is not just a jeweler, it is their immersive experience that truly sets them apart, allowing clients to delve into the world of colored gemstones, learn about their origins, and witness the craftsmanship that brings them to life. Clients can witness gems in their rough form at the mines and watch how a rough is slowly shaped and polished into the final gem, before partaking in the creative process by sitting with a jewellery designer who can turn their mere musings into dream jewels.

Founder Maddy Barber reflects on MADLY’s journey, stating, “MADLY was born because I wanted everyone to be able to own a unique and special piece of jewellery that truly tells their story and reflects their essence. Now, we’re a step closer to aspire to extend the enchantment of bespoke jewellery to a broader audience, inviting others to embrace the magic we’ve crafted!”


The MADLY Experience at City Walk

MADLY’s biggest Brand Experience Centre yet promises clients an extraordinary journey that is both educational and experiential. When clients pass through their doors, the first thing they’d be drawn to is the ‘Straight from the Source’ feature wall which transports them to the mines of Tanzania and Sri Lanka where MADLY has their local sourcing offices. Reach into the niche to touch a rough specimen and the corresponding educational video is activated while all the geographical areas where that gem is mined is highlighted. Walk further in and there’s even a hologram of a Tanzanite rough being chiselled to perfection by a fairy!

At the back of the store, clients will see the ‘Virtual Lapidarist in Action’, a real time video that is the next best thing to a live gem-cutting demonstration. Every facet is painstakingly grinded away, buffed and polished; angles measured to ensure maximum light dispersion for each piece of rough material.

This brings the client seamlessly to the ‘Rough to Cut’ gem wall where a selection of MADLY’s gemstone collection is displayed. From Tanzanite to Tsavorite and Paraiba to Padparadscha, MADLY’s vast range of gemstones and expert gem educators give clients the confidence to veer beyond the traditional Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald and to fall in love with every kind of gemstone.

Finally, when that special gem catches their eye, the design process begins. The client will chat with the MADLY designers about the occasion and milestone they’re celebrating or their artistic vision for the piece, and the designer will use that as inspiration, sketching on the spot to come up with unique designs that tell your story. In anticipation of the diverse, cosmopolitan crowd in Dubai, MADLY’s team of jewellery designers is equally varied, hailing from all over the world, including France, Italy and Jordan, and with a myriad of artistic styles and experiences, ensuring every design taste is accounted for.

“The MADLY experience is unlike anything else in Dubai– not only do we create beautiful and precious masterpieces with the finest 0.1% of top-quality gemstones, it’s the process of creating something ‘uniquely yours’ that makes a MADLY jewel that much more meaningful,” remarks Victor Saint-Pere, Partner at MADLY.