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  • Bentley and Naim celebrate a 10-year partnership starring the most powerful in-car sound system available in the market
  • Naim for Bentley sets a global benchmark for interactive sound technology that enhances the driver experience of Bentley’s new luxury four-door Flying Spur
  • The world’s highest-quality car audio systems power an extraordinary ride, fuelled by music that speaks to the heart
  • State-of-the-art Naim for Bentley home wireless sound systems deliver concentrated listening pleasure from the car into your home

Naim and Bentley, world leaders in audio systems and the manufacture of luxury cars, celebrate 10 years of pioneering partnership, collaborating in the development of the most powerful, best-in-class in-car audio systems. Inspired by the extraordinary technology of the in-car systems, Naim for Bentley also offers concert hall quality sound in contemporary wireless systems for lovers of music at home.

Naim for Bentley delivers the world’s most advanced music systems, both inside the world’s most prestigious road cars and also for listeners at home; a relentless pursuit for the purest sound. For true audiophiles, there is no equal.

Bentley’s new Flying Spur, a technological tour de force of innovation, connectivity, passenger comfort and driver excitement, offers Naim’s outstanding in-car audio system seamlessly integrated into state-of-the-art British craftsmanship.

In the latest evolution of Naim for Bentley products and technology, the sound system in the new Flying Spur features 21 speakers with 2,200 watt amplification and Active Bass Transducers. Eight DSP sounds modes are available and the car exhibits illuminated speaker grilles. Enough to ramp up the loudest rock and roll or to soften the soundscape with a melodious Baroque choral work.

Sound settings can be accessed via an elegant 12.3-inch HD touchscreen interface at the centre of the dashboard. Customers can configure this in a variety of ways: as a single display, split 2:1 or showing different functions at the same time. The overall designs highlights simplicity of use with a contemporary and elevated aesthetic.


Bentley Motors and Naim Audio are now working together to create new products for 2020 which continue to break sonic boundaries.

Fellow champions of British design and engineering, Naim and Bentley work collaboratively to deliver the most powerful in-car original equipment manufacturer (OEM) system available in the market.

The close confines of a car cabin capable of travelling at speeds of over 200mph, combined with engine, road and wind noise, provide a unique environment and exciting challenge for Naim; quite unlike the demands of achieving best replay performance in the home or studio. To bring true Naim sound quality into this unique space, Naim and Bentley engineers have flatly rejected traditional approaches, and rewritten the rulebook of in-car music. The result? New worldwide benchmarks for in-cabin sound technology and incredible depth of music quality that has to be heard to be believed.

Naim is a Queen’s Award winner for its innovation and having recently honed a trailblazing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) system, it realised it could apply an all-new approach to the in-car implementation. DSP would find itself at the very heart of the Naim for Bentley audio system, enabling a degree of tuning previously not possible, ensuring optimal sound performance whatever the speed or road conditions.

Each new generation of Bentley has seen a refinement and an update from the original Naim for Bentley audio system. Beginning as a 15 speaker – 1,100watt system in 2008, the system has evolved into a 2,200 watt amplifier feeding 21 speakers as featured in the new Flying Spur.

The Naim for Bentley system has been designed to maintain performance even when the roof of the Continental GT Convertible is down, and as Bentley evolves its hybrid car line, beginning with the Bentayga Hybrid, the even quieter engines offer a different audio environment to design for altogether.


The Naim for Bentley audio system has been adjusted and refined over hundreds of hours of listening tests to convey the pure joy, excitement and emotional impact of listening to music while driving. But world-quality sound is equally important in the comfort of home. For the discerning aficionado, Naim for Bentley offers the special edition range of 1st generation Mu-so wireless home audio systems.

Inspired by the technology developed for in-car audio systems, Naim engineers worked closely with Bentley designers to incorporate Bentley’s signature design elements, such as the distinctive knurling pattern. Both brands share a luxurious, contemporary design aesthetic and this translated easily into collaborative home products.

The 1st generation Mu-so is a 450 watt speaker with six custom-designed drivers and a powerful 32-bit processor that allows high-resolution music from virtually any source. Finished in stylish, premium aluminium, designed to mirror Naim for Bentley cabin grilles, it is matched to the iconic Portland from Bentley’s signature colour palette. The 1st generation Mu-so Qb is a smaller version that allows for 300 watts of audio power and has been designed as a 22cm compact cube.

Packed with all the features any music lover could demand, the Mu-so and Mu-so Qb can be used independently or combined for the ultimate multi-room experience. Syncing the units allows customers to play the same song beat-for-beat in up to five rooms.


Naim has engineered a unique Digital Signal Processor (DSP) solution for the Naim for Bentley audio system. This innovative technology offers a range of modes to optimise the in-car soundstage, depending on seating position and listening preferences. It ensures ultimate audio performance is maintained whatever the speed or road conditions.

While class leading, with an extremely powerful amplifier, the Naim for Bentley system is more than just a sound system. It has been engineered to deliver a true high-fidelity experience matched to the refinement of the Bentley experience.

The Naim for Bentley Playlist: creating the world’s best sound systems is for nothing without music. A collated playlist of high-quality music tracks has been specially selected to channel the Naim for Bentley audio system, in a variety of genres to suit all ages.

Naim for Bentley’s audio system is compatible with Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer and allows customers to enjoy their own choice of music, digital radio or spoken word media such as audio books and podcasts.


For more than 40 years, British audio pioneers Naim have hand-crafted some of the most prestigious hi-fi systems in the world. Every product that leaves the factory in Salisbury, England, is subject to intense scrutiny from a team of engineers who spend months or sometimes years perfecting designs. This ethos is aligned perfectly with Bentley’s own design and manufacturing processes at its headquarters in Crewe and the two companies share innate values of high-quality craftsmanship.