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Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co. Announces the Opening of the Lincoln’s First Integrated and Specialized Branch

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Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co. Announces the Opening of the Lincoln’s First Integrated and Specialized Branch

Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co., the authorized dealer for Ford cars in the Western and Southern Regions of Saudi Arabia, opened its new integrated center in Jeddah, in the presence of the US Consul in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Mohamed Yousuf Naghi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Kay Hart President of the Ford International Markets Group, senior executives of Lincoln International, and a number of distinguished guests from Lincoln regional office in the Middle East, in addition to accredited media and press representatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
This new 3900 square meters facility is the first integrated and independent center for the Lincoln brand to add personality and distinction in a center that enjoys a high level of ultra-modern equipment commensurate with the luxury and history of the brand. It is the first integrated center that provides independent services to Lincoln owners and clients starting from the sales department all the way to after-sales services, accredited maintenance services and a special reception hall for Lincoln customers.
Opening this center, which is the first of its kind, is a new step to support the Lincoln brand, which enjoys customers’ special attention, especially after launching many new models at the same time. It comes as a continuation of implementing the continuous investment strategic plan launched by Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co. with the aim of providing exceptional services to its customers, enhancing confidence in addition to upgrading the brand status in the luxury cars category and expanding its share in this sector.
On the sidelines of this opening, Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co. received the International Excellence Award from Lincoln Motors for the great efforts exerted by the Company to promote the Lincoln brand in Saudi Arabia.
The new facility appeared in its final form showing Lincoln’s new identity. It includes a special well-equipped showroom to receive Lincoln customers and display the latest new models, followed by an integrated central maintenance center for maintenance and after-sales services, which includes maintenance packages, accessories and extended warranty on cars. Furthermore, it includes an integrated warehouse to secure spare parts and includes the latest advanced and modern technologies for detection and examination of all models. The center accommodates 70 cars and includes 65 cranes used for repairs under the supervision of a number of qualified technicians and engineers with international certificates in the field of maintenance services. The center also includes a distinguished training facility for developing and training technicians to raise their skills and improve after-sales services.
Ahmed Al-Kahwaji, Managing Director of the two brands (Ford and Lincoln) at Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Company, stressed on the importance of the new integrated center and what it represents to their customers. In the speech he gave at the opening ceremony, he said, “We are happy to announce the opening of the first integrated center for Lincoln, the brand that carries a legacy and a long history. Hence, we had to give it our attention and allocate it with something special. Today we begin to enhance the confidence of our customers in this brand. We are confident that the new center will allow us to serve our customers better, which is part of our constant endeavor to exceed the expectations of our customers. This opening comes within the expansion and spread plan that the Company has adopted to reach its customers through its network of integrated centers providing them with the finest services on the one hand, and strengthening the partnership relationship with the Lincoln brand company on the other hand.”
He added, “We seek to keep up with the vision by developing our business and opening such integrated centers that will create many job opportunities for the youth of the country, and it is a responsibility that we place among our priorities.”