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To set a trend you need to know the classics and how to awaken their charisma with new interpretations and combinations. All the disciplines that express the value of time are confronted with the ability to evolve at every cycle in a refined way: a wine blend that carefully changes yet maintains its identity, a painting that lends an original allure to primary colors, a new pairing that updates familiar and natural flavors.

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In this spirit, based on a careful study of codes and alert sensitivity to contemporary influences, the Fall Winter 2023 Collection was designed with a full focus on the importance of time: the time for experience that cultivates knowledge, the time for artisanal creation, the time in which every garment will have the opportunity to renew itself with combinations that enhance its inherent qualities. Just like a classic that, thanks to strong roots, can take on new and richer meanings, day after day.


Every look is characterized by a key garment that is its focal point, that expresses the overall style but, at the same time, is defined by the harmony of combinations. A tailored cashmere coat, a special hand-knit sweater or a suit made of a precious fabric can constitute this focus of attention, which is then balanced in a contemporary way by overlays, trousers and accessories.

All the elements are always organized based on a search for balance between references, proportions and style. A selection of the finest fabrics, characterized by special textures and micro-effects such as Donegal, chevron and broken twill weave, epitomizes the quest for a new value through classic materials.


Colors take on intense hues, inspired by historic wine blends that have stood the test of time, transcending trends. Shades of red – barbera, maroon and burgundy – are presented in a grayish version to convey, in a palpable way, the passing of time, a long ageing process that enhances the finest and most subtle nuances.

The overall harmony is created by precious tones of beige moving from medium camel and sand to light panama and ecru, accompanied by fascinating shades of noble deep blue and modern light blue. Urban hues of gray complement the backdrop with the brand’s distinctive colors.


The winter knitwear collection was broadened to make it as comprehensive as possible, providing the perfect choice for any occasion and representing the evolution of the entire season. From lightweight sweaters perfectly matched with the tailored lines of blazers to cardigans made of precious cozy yarns with an outdoor feel.

Noble fibers of cashmere, virgin wool and silk are accompanied by the soft, shaded effect of alpaca. The fascination of traditional stitches is enhanced by new proportions and combinations, as well as by colors, in order to create “timeless knitwear” that elevates the coordinates of form, matter and color. New hand-knit creations of extremely high quality complement the offer with an exclusive touch.


All the accessories stay true to the theme of the rediscovery of classic fascination based on contemporary and dynamic criteria. Skillfully handcrafted bags, hats, small leather goods and knit accessories express the excellence of noble materials, resulting from the utmost attention to natural elements.

As a natural complement to any look, the footwear offer includes a wide and organic selection of designs for any occasion. New leathers refresh the style of classic derbies, while the design of loafers is updated with a wintery feel and materials. Technical-inspired hiking shoes and boots strike a balance between artisanal tradition and contemporary dynamism, both in the sporty combinations and more elegant looks.