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Genesis expresses artistry, pure design & smooth elegance with innovative Shop in Shop retail concept in UAE

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Genesis expresses artistry, pure design & smooth elegance with innovative Shop in Shop retail concept in UAE

In line with the next generation of global standards, Genesis has heralded a new era for premium retail experiences by innovating its Shop in Shop sales and after sales system across strategic emirates in the UAE.
Integrating customer experiences and spatial design with the brand’s understated elegance, artistry, and pure design elements across sales and services precincts in Sharjah (sales & services), Dubai, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah (after sales), Genesis is delivering enhanced customer touchpoints to extend its commitment towards delivering high quality design and finishes that elevate its sophisticated retail value proposition.
Reimagining the customer experience at every turn within the revamped retail network, Genesis has innovated a truly integrated and ambient retail concept that aims to combine showrooms, refurbishment facilities, and service facilities – all under one roof in each of its enhanced, comprehensive facilities.
This customer-centric approach builds on Genesis’ mission to establish real and meaningful relationships with driving connoisseurs in the UAE by providing enhanced customer touchpoints and a best-in-class premium-buying journey.
“Genesis has a pedigree of elegant design innovation that demonstrates meticulous attention to refined detail across all facets of the product and service mix. This is why we take an audacious stance towards creating high-quality facilities that epitomize Genesis’ premium brand character,” said Saad Belda, Regional Network Development Manager, Genesis Africa & Middle East.
“With the upgraded Shop in Shop system, we are proud to offer a modular retail showroom design concept that is expandable, adaptable, and that can be integrated within any high-selling environment. Thanks to Juma Al Majid, our innovative partner in the UAE, we are able to advocate strong design principles that cultivate a bold and holistic retail value proposition for customers here in the UAE.”
With evolved sales and services in Sharjah, and after sales transformation across showrooms in Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai, the Genesis Shop in Shop concept offers a premium experience for both sales and after sales services including spare parts, quick lube, body & paint. Additionally, the service centers’ offer a premium Genesis experience integrated with a premium customer waiting lounge.
The new design offers a generous, pure and dynamic spatial concept, a clean and simple design language with pure materials and finely crafted details, and improved customer digital touchpoints in line with evolving customer trends. Genesis’ Shop in Shop environments are illuminated through tones of black, which cover a wide range of materials used within the showroom design, laced with complementary tones and accents of copper and light wood. The sophisticated spatial design offerings reiterate Genesis’ naturally understated expression of elegance and solid, yet firm, shapes that reflect quiet confidence.
The clear and linear showroom lines are accentuated by modern materials, ambient lighting, fixtures, and sleek furniture that combines to create a relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, the Shop and Shop system harnesses a modular approach through wall installations, display fixtures, built-in tables, and workstations that enable expansion and adaptability to meet dealership requirements.
The standardization of the retail visual identity and store layout forms an integral part of Genesis’ drive to upgrade its existing Dealer Network Development by integrating innovative formats. These innovative design concepts comply with Genesis’ new retail standards and modernization of the retail network while delivering a successfully localized implementation of the globally approved Genesis experience to the UAE.
“When it comes to the luxury automobile market in the UAE, customers have discerning tastes and a refined palate for premium quality touchpoints that extend well beyond the initial product value proposition,” added Belda.
“Bricks and mortar will always feature as a primary function of our differentiated luxury brand offering. Although the Genesis journey is rapidly evolving, we are excited to introduce a unique brand experience through dedicated retail environments that will evolve for years to come.”