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Wow by Wojooh Launches Gimme Glow – A New Radiance Boosting Primer!


Wow by Wojooh Launches Gimme Glow – A New Radiance Boosting Primer!


Want to look like a golden goddess? Wow by Wojooh is giving you the secret weapon this season! The 2018 June launch of Gimme Glow will bring the perfect non-oily radiance to the summer heat, exclusively at Wojooh.

Ok ladies, listen up! Summer has arrived, and with it comes to heat, humidity, and, let’s face it, sweaty face. The last thing we all feel like doing is layering on face makeup on top of heavy moisturizers.

We all know that moisturizing is still one of the most non-negotiable skin regime steps, but how can we encourage silky, hydrated skin that glows, while still feeling light and airy enough to apply makeup under the beating sun? Wow by Wojooh has the answer: Gimme Glow!

Gimme Glow’s magic comes from its split personality; it’s a hybrid between a moisturizer and a primer. Enriched with Vitamin C and E, the vitamins and antioxidants are the perfect formulae to moisturize your skin with an airy feel, whether you have oily, combination or dry skin. The fast-absorbing product doubles as a primer, so you can put your face on without feeling like your makeup will melt off every time you step outside. Infused with 24 Karat Gold, Gimme Glow has all the tricks up its sleeves for the perfect lightweight radiance!

Want some extra Tips & Tricks?

You can use Gimme Glow as a PRIMER
Using 2 or 3 drops of Gimme Glow, massage it into your skin to prep for foundation. You can achieve the most amazing matte finish, perfect to absorb your foundation evenly.

Apply using a BEAUTY BLENDER
Apply 2 drops on your favourite beauty blender. We recommend the Wow by Wojooh Master Blender. Use it to blend in with any cream product for a flawless finish.

Hydrate your LIPS
Avoid dry cracking lip products by hydrating your lips pre-application. Massage 1 or 2 drops of Gimme Glow, depending on your level of dryness, into your lips. Let the oil absorb before applying your lip colour of choice for a luscious finish that will stay that way all day.

Price: AED110

Pass by Wojooh this June and check out our brand-new Wow by Wojooh Gimme Glow, and get your Glow on!

Can’t pass by your nearest store? Not to worry – we are open 24/7 online at www.wojooh.com.
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