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Fitted suits or loose silhouettes: men at Versace do not like the middle ground.

The iconic flourish of the acanthus leaves takes center stage throughout the men’s part of the collection and can be seen in a black and white version as well as with a new silver, metallic coating that shines like an armor.

The Silver Baroque leaves unfurls across body hugging tops, shirts, loose denim, and silk pajamas.

La Greca print adds a sense of familiarity to the collection.
Touches of bright blue, beige, and fuchsia are the only incursion of colors in a collection that feels like a foreword to something new.

The Versace woman has never feared reinventing herself through her style choices.

Whether wearing a sleek latex skirt, a black leather suit or a head-to-toe printed dress, she is never afraid to dare and to express herself through what she is wearing.

She does not have to prove anything to anyone and that is why she has fun mixing multicolored prints with the black and white Baroque one that becomes the connection to her man’s wardrobe.

She is romantic, yet strong thanks to the string details that jots out of skirts, tops and dresses and add that you-do-want-to-mess-with-me element that makes her stand out in the crowd and unapologetically unique.

Pops of color come from total looks in the brand’s La Greca pattern, and the I Ventagli print: an archival design decorated with colorful fans that appears as silk inserts on leather jackets, dresses, tops, and cocktail looks.

La Medusa and Virtus bag collections are expanded in new color and material finishes, including denim with handmade worn-out detailing, hand-painted python, and satin with glitzy embroidery.

Coveted and standout shoe silhouettes, the Aevitas and Triplatform sandals shimmer in new satin finishes, and the Medusa Biggie hardware continues to show its versatility across mules with crystal-embellished options.