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Van Cleef & Arpels’ Ludo Collection returns to center stage with 4 new versions

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Van Cleef & Arpels’ Ludo Collection returns to center stage with 4 new versions

To celebrate the timeless elegance of one of its great signatures, Van Cleef & Arpels is putting the Ludo bracelet back at center stage. Created in 1934, the design evokes a precious belt; it was baptized with the nickname of Louis Arpels, one of the Maison’s founders. Today, four brand new versions bring together different materials and gold colors to magnify the creation’s emblematic briquette and hexagon motifs. The abstract style of the 1930s is combined with the Maison’s cherished couture inspiration. Thanks to virtuoso craftsmanship from the Van Cleef & Arpels workshops, the gold takes on a light, flexible quality – studded with dazzling precious details.

Pure, elegant lines

Uncluttered and refined, the Ludo collection reinterprets an iconic Van Cleef & Arpels creation dating from 1934. The Ludo bracelet is shaped like a belt; distinguished by its flexible mesh, it is punctuated by a bucklelike clasp, set with precious stones. It has renewed itself over the years in a multitude of guises, while remaining true to its original design. Today, the Maison is honoring it with its own collection, including four new versions and as many dazzling harmonies. The gold’s smooth, shiny surface is subtly interspersed with precious or hard stones, alongside a graphic interplay of lines. Just as a belt adds structure to the silhouette and accentuates a slender waist, the Ludo bracelet highlights the graceful outline of a feminine wrist.
In keeping with the traditional “honeycomb” mesh, three of the new pieces feature hexagonal links adorned with a star-set precious stone at their centers. Engraved in the gold, the star-shaped motif harbors a grain-set ruby, sapphire or diamond, creating the impression of a sparkling constellation. The fourth model illuminates the briquette mesh, recalling the shimmering weave of a fabric with its association of gold and diamonds.

Ludo bracelet

Yellow gold, sapphires, turquoise, lapis lazuli, diamonds

The warmth of yellow gold combines with the elegant color of sapphires, which adorn the mosaic of hexagonal motifs. On the clasp, luminous turquoise echoes deep blue lapis lazuli. These two fi ne materials have been selected with the utmost care, to enhance this daring piece.

Ludo bracelet

Pink gold, rubies, coral, diamonds

In a fl amboyant harmony, pink gold embellishes the intensity of rubies in “star setting” and coral, which adorns the clasp. On the latter, two sparkling rows of diamonds underline the orangey-red motifs. The vibrant blend of shades instills the piece with elegance and character.

Ludo bracelet

White gold, onyx, diamonds

On this piece, a contrasting palette of white gold, diamonds and onyx enhances the Ludo bracelet’s graphic lines. The shiny, deep black color of onyx highlights the sparkling purity of the diamonds that stud the piece, accentuating its timeless allure.

Ludo bracelet

Yellow gold, white gold, diamonds

With elegant simplicity, this composition blends diamonds with two colors of gold to reinterpret the couture theme. The bracelet is distinguished by a briquette-shaped mesh, which endows the ribbon of yellow gold with very fi ne articulation. The impression of fl exible fabric is emphasized by the clasp – resembling a belt loop – and the arrowshaped point at the bracelet’s tip. Hemmed with round diamonds, it has a fl uid drape that gracefully enlaces the wrist.