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Tide and Panda Stores Unite for Ramadan Charity Drive

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Tide and Panda Stores Unite for Ramadan Charity Drive

Tide Laundry Detergent, in partnership with Panda Stores, is proud to announce a new campaign where Panda and Tide, Panda and Keswah Aisha have joined hands to help the under privileged this Ramadan by giving free clothes on the purchase of Tide packs from Panda. This campaign marks the launch of Tide’s revolutionary ‘Fast Dissolving’ detergent powder which is an advanced detergent that dissolves quickly solving the #1 consumer tension of residues being left in clothes after wash. The campaign was kicked off with the historic achievement of setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest box of Tide laundry detergent, towering at an impressive 4 meters and weighing half a ton.

The partnership between “Tide” and “Panda” in this event is to collaborate with Keswah Aisha charity to provide Eid clothing to families in need. Tide will donate a piece of clothing on the purchase of 1 Tide pack from Panda stores.

To help mobilize the campaign, donation boxes will be conveniently placed at all Panda Hypermarkets in Jeddah and Riyadh, allowing people to donate gently used clothing by simply placing it in the donation boxes.

“Collaborating with Panda Stores, we are privileged to extend our assistance to the Keswah Aisha Charity Organization, nurturing hope and compassion within our communities throughout the month of Ramadan” remarked Mr. Kamal Al Shareef, Tide Brand Director, Ismail Abu Dawood Procter & Gamble

The campaign showcases Tide and Panda’s ongoing commitment to community service, supporting the underprivileged, and bringing joy during Ramadan. Through active community engagement and resourceful initiatives, Tide and Panda aim to make a positive impact, fostering compassion and unity across the Kingdom.

Tide is a globally recognized laundry detergent brand, is produced and distributed in Saudi Arabia by Ismail Abu Dawood Procter & Gamble, renowned for its high-quality products worldwide. Partnering with Panda Hypermarket, a leading retail store under the Savola Group, Tide benefits from Panda’s extensive network of 182 branches and over 16,000 dedicated employees across Saudi Arabia. Panda is committed to enhancing customer experiences and spearheading community-focused initiatives to enrich lives and foster a brighter future for all.