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The Scents of Ramadan is with Golden Scent this Season Revealing a Study of the Best Ramadan Fragrances and Analyzing Data on Millions of Transactions and Searches on their Platform

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The Scents of Ramadan is with Golden Scent this Season Revealing a Study of the Best Ramadan Fragrances and Analyzing Data on Millions of Transactions and Searches on their Platform

It is a misconception that only eating habits change during the month of Ramadan; yet Scents are deeply rooted in this Holy Occasion and Festive Season. In the Arab world, Ramadan traditions range from family gatherings to gifting, embodies the giving spirit of this very special time. With the tradition that has been passed down through generations, gifting perfumes is the most cherished of all.

Given that perfumes and fragrances are always held as a pride amongst gifting traditions during the holy month; Golden Scent brings you an analyzed report with data on millions of transactions and searches on their online platform.
“Golden Scent is proud to release its exclusive collections of perfumes and home fragrances, as well as exclusive bundles & offers for the month Ramadan and Eid. Caviar Bakhoor will also be launched as the first innovative and modern concept in the region. During Ramadan, Oud reigns supreme, with many Gulf homes and commercial spaces opting for the mesmerizing fragrances of this magical ingredient at the times of iftar, suhoor and beyond. We are proud to offer the largest scent library in the region to cater to all Ramadan Scent lovers”, says Darine El Sabbagh, Managing Director of Golden Scent.

Certain ingredients surge in demand, having key significance within Ramadan traditions.

Oud notes in fragrances & Bakhoor – for instance – has a 300%+ increase in demand and searches. Additionally, people also start to look for home accessories like incense burners and aroma diffusers to make a change and live a special Ramadan experience and gatherings.

Musk is often associated with religious significance. Across the Ramadan period it becomes among the top 10 sought out ingredients and notes increasing in demand and searches over 200%

Tobacco in fragrance, in the recent two years; has become increasingly in demand especially for Ramadan gifting.

Home Fragrances: Bakhoor, is believed to have been used since early islamic times and hence is important in Ramadan rituals and are among gifting traditions during the holy month. In the Middle East, Bukhoor is widely used — not only for perfumes but also in everything from five-star hotels to residences. Its history is as rich as its fragrance; used for thousands of years.

“Oriental Fragrances and Arabic Brands are still far from aligning themselves with the local traditions when it comes to Ramadan, unlike fashion where many big brands are now releasing Ramadan collections and special releases. Local Arabic brands consider Ramadan period as their biggest season in the year, further amplified by the advantages of online shopping that Golden Scent offers to more than 100 of the leading regional brands in its portfolio.” Added Darine EL Sabbagh, Managing Director of Golden Scent.

Customers Online behavior clearly shows the spirit of togetherness in Ramadan and value of Ramadan gatherings. Home fragrances are picked to make the home more hospitable for guests as well as an increase of gifting activity pre-ramadan and in the first few days clearly showcases that even when apart people like to send their loved ones gifts. (Golden Scent delivers to over 80 countries worldwide and we clearly see expats wanting to send gifts for Ramadan within KSA and across the globe)