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As DUBAI FASHION WEEK continues, we look to the meticulous design process behind our newest wedding aptly titled THE ROAD TO OZ.

AT MOD DESIGN each event theme is born from both the client brief and MOD’s signature style. Merging these two together in a manner that is signature to the business often leads to the most wondrous and captivating results.

For our latest wedding design, we look to the timeless and eternally inspiring children’s book The Wizard of Oz, and more specifically the idea and construction of The Emerald City. In the book The Emerald City is the destination Dorothy and her friends must reach in order to find not only the answers they desperately seek but a way to return home.

Utilising the stories messages of LOVE, BRAVERY and THE POWER OF DREAM’s we developed our own version of this fictional destination starting by utilising a custom developed colour.

DANCING TEAL, as we call it finds its way across the large-scale wedding venue, appearing in silk-velvet ceiling to floor drapes, custom built coffee tables and even across the bespoke flowers by MOD CONCEPT.

Utilising the signature colour of the evening, over sixty members of the MOD on-site team including managers, floral artists, light technicians and construction experts worked over 72-hours to ensure the final result was a profound experience for all transforming The World Trade Centre Hall into an otherworldly experience.

The Emerald City references are most noticeable in the hand-crafted panels that appear as pleated structures in the background of the venue space while subtle references to The Yellow Brick Road appear in the form of unique florals in shades of golden-marigold, sunrise and tiger’s eye.

The end result is typically showcased in a MOD FILM released on the official social media platforms for MOD.