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The House of Creed presents Silver Mountain Water

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The House of Creed presents Silver Mountain Water

Silver Mountain Water eau de parfum is inspired by the exhilarating crispness of mountain air and the purity of cascading alpine streams, a bracing landscape in which the Creed family find relaxation and renewal.

Composed of hesperides and natural essences complimented by a woody base, the tea notes take us on a shimmering far away journey and the blackcurrant gives depth to this fresh and alluring fragrance. Silver Mountain Water is like pure mountain water both tonic and refreshing, it also has a remarkable longevity. This icy and mentholated fragrance is reminiscent of sparkling streams coursing through the snow-capped Swiss Alps.

We started with the idea of the crispness of mountain air, the icy freshness, and the clear water of Alpine springs. A surreal and imaginary landscape of silver icebergs was reflected in the set design whilst the styling reflected the contemporary elements of the masterpiece that is Silver Mountain Water. Mist and ice helped create a metaphorical journey to the magical summit. Inspiration came from many sources from the great icebergs of the Arctic to the pioneering mountaineers of the past. Key elements of the House of Creed’s identity is the celebration of the outdoors and nature which play an important role in this campaign.