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Swiss Arabian Unveils the Oud Malaki Perfume Oil

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Swiss Arabian Unveils the Oud Malaki Perfume Oil

For your newest signature scent this year, dive into the world of fragrance oils with Swiss Arabian, the region’s leading fragrance house with the latest launch, Oud Malaki.

The ultimate expression of East-meets-West, the Oud Malaki perfume oil is an intensely crisp and woody scent that’s both easy to wear on its own or layered, resulting in a regal olfactory that leaves a lasting trail of beautiful fragrance.

As this liquid gold oil formula melts into your skin, it awakens the senses with the aromas of saffron, apple, and pink pepper. As soon as the perfume sets into place, you’re enveloped by the opulent rose and precious oud notes developed with a hint of herbal sage before the warm notes of amber, musk, and vanilla finish off your magical signature scent. The result is an exquisite elixir that has a strong, smoky, and seductive scent perfect for both men and women.

The Swiss Arabian Malaki collection has a range of perfume oils from delicate and floral to spicy and woody, that will make the perfect addition to your fragrance wardrobe.

Rose Malaki – Developed with a majestic blend of deep satin petals sourced from the finest roses, this is the best fragrance for those who prefer deep floral scents that are easy to layer.

Mukhalat Malaki – With floral, woody, and spicy notes combined, this perfume oil has a warm-woody profile perfect to use on cooler days.

Musk Malaki – An invigoratingly floral and musky scent blended to perfection, decorated by the warmer shades of sandalwood trees, this flamboyant mix creates a clean and elegant scent.

The Swiss Arabian concentrated perfume oils are non-alcoholic and formulated using the finest quality ingredients, suitable for both men and women and available in travel-friendly sizes.

Tip! For an extra boost, dip the applicator into the essence and run it behind your ears and on your wrists for a sweet-smelling aroma that lingers all day.

Price: AED 160

Available to purchase in-stores and online on https://swissarabian.com/