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Surround Your Senses with Creed’s Scented Ornaments This Holiday Season

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Surround Your Senses with Creed’s Scented Ornaments This Holiday Season

In addition to the leather accessories,The House of Creed is thrilled to reintroduce its holiday coffret collection in two distinct offerings for both men and women adorned with our signature Fleur-di-lys, Creed logo and cheval repeat pattern, in an embossed metallic gold and reflective silver colour palette for a highly textured and indulgent finish. Elegant yet bold, these sets come in 3x10ml and 5x10ml male and female versions, making for the perfect gifts.

For the first time, The House of Creed has created unique keepsake décor via scented zamac decorations designed to be proudly displayed in any home. Elegant and alluring, the scented Creed Icons are available in three iconic Creed shapes: the Creed bottle, crown and fleur di lys.The intricate ornamentsinclude a Creed-branded ceramic,scenting the home with rich, warming aromas of the popular Birmanie Oud fragrance. Available to purchase as a single or set of three, each ornament includes a suede bag for protection, adorned with a gold foil logo.

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3x10ml Gift Sets
AED 685

5x10ml Gift Sets
AED 1050

Scented Creed Icons – Set of 3
AED 867

Bottle Scented Icon
AED 334