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Start the New Year on A Wellness High with Ciel Spa’s Magical Detoxifying Treatment

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Start the New Year on A Wellness High with Ciel Spa’s Magical Detoxifying Treatment

The stunning Ciel Spa at SLS Dubai is providing guests with just what they need after a hectic festive season as it introduces the exclusive “Detox Tuesday”. To enhance the radiance and glow of the skin, this 60-minute detox treatment includes a 30-minute body scrub and a 30-minute massage with detox oil that will rejuvenate the skin and promote moisture balance.

To provide guests with the ultimate wellness experience, Ciel Spa is offering guests who book the “Detox Tuesday” treatment a discount on the Super Detox IV Drip and the Ablution IV Drip.

The Super Detox IV Drip has major health benefits to hydrate the whole body and is equivalent to drinking 18 litres of water, making the body comfortable in all its expectations. It contains nutrients such as concentric antioxidants, which promote total body purification and aid in stress relief. It also contains a high dose of Vitamin C and Biotin, which act as immunity promoters and help in the utilization of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids while enhancing the metabolic rate.

The Ablution IV Drip aids in the purification of the whole body, flushing all toxins away efficiently. The Vitamin C present in the treatment acts as a primary antioxidant and aids in anti-stress and anti-anxiety. One of the major benefits of Vitamin C is its immunology enhancement properties and its help with proper nutrition absorption and metabolism. The hydration value of the drip is equivalent to an intake of seven litres of drinking water.

All three treatments enhance the skin by moisturizing it and improving its radiance while promoting skin brightening and balance. Every Tuesday in January, head to Ciel Spa at SLS Dubai for a one-of-a-kind experience with numerous health benefits that will rejuvenate every sense.

Detox Tuesday

Price: 60 Min Detox treatment (30 min body scrub + 30 min massage) AED 549


Discount for the Super Detox Drip & Ablution IV Drip treatments
Location: Ciel Spa, SLS Dubai

Validity: Available Every Tuesday from January 3rd till 31st

Reservations & prior booking required: 04 607 0654 | +971 56 417 3887