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SPORTMAX – The Lizzie Clutch


SPORTMAX – The Lizzie Clutch

She goes by Lizzie and she’s the latest Sportmax clutch to exude a quintessential sense of tout court and versatility, expressed by her conveniently nonchalant cross-body strap. This day-to-night bag has been deconstructed and reconstructed once again, into a fresh icon with an attitude that’s both contemporary and essential.

A present-day language is spoken with unique materials that reinterpret an aplomb classic, through research and impactful design.
Whether she sits over the shoulder or on the arm, Lizzie easily adapts to the style of the moment and is recognisable for her bold leather materials, as well as strong patterns like maxi checks and heightened pure colors that run the gamut, from pastel hues to metropolitan shades.

A sleek metal bar is the bag’s defining signifier. It’s decorative and functional, accompanied by a practical snap closure, where a slender, elongated single handle can be attached.
The volume is compact and sits on the hip, striking a contrasting balance between the precise angles of its triangular contours and the softness of its expandable gussets.

A memorable accessory defined by a variety of aesthetic accents, the Lizzie Bag transcends the seasons.