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Six Senses Kaplankaya bringing the world of wellness to guests

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Six Senses Kaplankaya bringing the world of wellness to guests

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – 10 July 2018 – The wellness calendar is all set with Six Senses Kaplankaya’s list of visiting practitioners through July until the end of October. The new resort not only shares the best practitioners and experts with the rest of Six Senses resorts but is also bringing a host of specialised practitioners for the ultimate bespoke healing techniques and holistic wellness programmes.

Six Senses Kaplankaya’s wellness offerings vary from tailored fitness and recovery packages, purifying vibrations, Ayurvedic treatments, not to mention their reflexology and deep tissue massages, and an integrated pneumopsicosomatic expert. Here is a list of long-standing experts and their visiting calendar so guests can plan the best holiday to suit their needs.

Muayad Najemeddin, visiting from July 1 to 31

Specialised in the healing art of Tibetan singing bowls, Muayad’s traditional practices and holistic approach to healing has touched many of his guests’ lives during their self-healing journeys. Muayad’s individual treatments and group sessions are filled with an abundance of energy that creates a new experience of peace, relaxation and rejuvenation. Guests will discover a sense of deep relaxation while their body is showered with healing sounds, using full moon singing bowls from Nepal. Each singing bowl is made of eight metals and crafted under the full moon light to blend the energy of the universe into the body and sound of each bowl. Muayad’s Purifying Vibrations session will leave guests empowered and cleansed at each chakra.

Sandra Laznik, visiting from August 1 to 30 and September 23 – October 13

Sandra Laznik is a passionate wellness practitioner, who is also a professor of sports education. In addition, she completed TRX suspension trainer and Gliding courses, and training in a classical and sports massage. She applies her knowledge to the Face Lift Holistic Face Massage treatment where the combination of the “squeeze – push” technique with added pressure and “stretch – pull” technique, works not only on the upper skin layers and the lymphatic system but also on deeper muscles. She will work with guests to give them the best carefully selected exercises to build the body’s core strength, develop muscles without adding bulk and offer a balancing connection between body and the mind.

Suraj Varma, visiting from August 6 – September 6

Suraj comes from a multi-generational family of Ayurvedic practitioners in Kerala. He did his post-graduate studies at the prestigious Ayurvedic Hospital at Coimbatore in Kerala where he worked with some of India’s top Ayurvedic physicians. Guests can sign up for either Kerala Karma treatment, Ayurvedic Holistic Balancing; an intensive treatment that aims to completely de-stress the client while correcting imbalances between the tridoshas (Vatha, Pitha, Kapha). It is especially helpful for those suffering from poor memory, lack of energy, headaches, insomnia, and spondylitis.

Trayl Aitken-Cade, visiting from September 1 to 30

As a former navy diver, Trayl gained an appreciation of how robust the body needs to be both on land and in the water and in his case, underwater. During this time Trayl was involved in triathlons and boxing and saw the huge role nutrition played in the recovery and health of an athlete.Trayl developed a unique style of exercise and massage that taps into the parasympathetic system and allows clients to rediscover the joy of movement and well-being. Offering treatments like deep tissue structural integration, Thai acupressure and stretching as well as boot camp boxing and ball drills, his philosophy is based on getting back to basics and using the natural environment.

Leo Nardo Righi Davies, visiting from September 1 – 30

Leo is a spiritual, mental and emotional body-work practitioner. Born in San Marino, Italy and educated internationally in various universities and well-respected Institutes, he has been trained by some of the leading specialists in different fields such as communication, personal development, transformational alchemy, body mechanics, meditation and spiritual practices. He devoted his time to study and research various techniques, philosophies and sciences, to understanding, integrating and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he began to work as a body-work practitioner, personal trainer, coach and counsellor devoted to inspiring consciousness and awareness. Specialised in the integrated pneumopsicosomatic system treatment, Leo works with guests to cope and deal with pain, stress and anxiety to obtain a long-lasting wellbeing for their body mind and spirit. His aim is to listen, understand and create a path or a session that will give you tools to change yourself and be able to cope, manage and eventually get rid of the physical, mental and emotional pain.

Sophia Hendriks, visiting from October 15 until November 15

Sophia studied various massage and bodywork techniques. Despite her medical background, her approach to massage combines a more holistic approach with intuitive techniques to address specific needs and concerns. Sophia’s techniques are ideal for guests suffering from chronic headaches, migraine and whiplash. Her Medical Wellness Massage uses different approaches to address painful areas of the body to help guests regain movement and are relieved from immediate pain intense and sore body parts.