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Siella Beauty: The Brow Boss Pencil

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Siella Beauty: The Brow Boss Pencil

Siella Beauty introduces its first brow product in a fabulous collection of 6 eyebrow pencils that allow you to fill, define and shape your eyebrows to create the natural hair-like strokes that you desire.

The new Siella Beauty brow pencil collection goes by the name “The Brow Boss Pencil” and lives up to its name “Boss” giving you the power to express yourself in your own unique way.

Its soft formula glides on easily allowing you to create the most beautiful, long-lasting (up to 16 hours), and waterproof strokes.

The micro tip of the Brow Boss pencil makes it very easy and comfortable to draw a precise outline of your eyebrows or lightly fill and define for a natural look.

Available in 6 shades:

Blonde | Auburn | Neutral Brown | Rich Brown | Warm Brown | Deep Brown

Whether you are looking to lightly fill & enhance your brows or draw the shape you desire, the Brow Boss pencil will be your hero product.

Ready to be a brow boss? Head to siellabeauty.com to shop “The Brow Boss Pencil” and be your own Brow Boss.

Siella Beauty is You, Simple, Gorgeous, You

*This product is not tested on animals