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SAMACO Automotive doubles its investments with the luxury Lamborghini sports brand

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SAMACO Automotive doubles its investments with the luxury Lamborghini sports brand

After SAMACO Automotive Company became the exclusive importer and dealer of Lamborghini in Saudi Arabia, the company implemented a long-term investment strategy to match the excellent capabilities and popularity of this distinctive brand.
Lamborghini was founded in 1948, and yet its actual production began in 1961. The company started manufacturing racing cars, and after achieving many victories, the company turned to the luxury commercial car industry it is known for today. Since then, Lamborghini has achieved unprecedented commercial success and advanced overall car makers and became everyone’s dream.
SAMACO Automotive has made this dream come true in Saudi Arabia by opening the three integrated Lamborghini centers in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Khobar, as well as providing the latest Lamborghini models with the best financing programs. In addition to providing after-sales services through Lamborghini service centers in Jeddah and Khobar, to be followed soon by the opening of an after-sales service center in Riyadh.
Since the first day of its acquisition of Lamborghini brand dealership, the company has been keen to communicate with the Lamborghini Owners Club and coordinate with the Club to organize and participate in many community events, as well as contribute to the promotion of this country and enhance its capabilities. During the past period, the company in cooperation with Lamborghini Owners Club, organized many events and awareness campaigns that served the community and its members.
To meet the growing demand of various Lamborghini models in Saudi Arabia, the company has doubled its investment by opening more service centers, showrooms, and spare parts facilities. The company also employs scientifically and technically qualified work teams that are highly trained to provide various maintenance services that Lamborghini cars may need as well as ensure the company’s rapid and reliable services for the convenience and mind rest of its customers.
Noting that this strategy resulted in an increase in car sales of 22% compared to last year’s, and this significant increase in the percentage of sales reflects the increased confidence of customers in the brand and in SAMACO Automotive.