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Revel in the unique taste of world-class hospitality this Ramadan with Belgrave

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Revel in the unique taste of world-class hospitality this Ramadan with Belgrave

An indulgent treat awaits you at Belgrave’s exclusive Ramadan spread this holy month. Giving guests a true flavour of elevated Persian hospitality, the London-born restaurant is bringing its exclusive ‘All You Can Eat’ offer at an exciting price point for those who love distinctive amalgams of exquisitely delicious Eastern cuisines with a Western twist.

The Iftar feast will begin with a comforting and hearty special soup of the day. This will be followed by a choice of unlimited main course, a basket of mixed herbs and bread, and a choice of either salad Shirazi or mast khiar. Entrees include rich and succulent lamb koobideh grilled to perfection and containing a wonderful balance of spices and herbs, served with aromatic rice. Guests can also pick from Belgrave’s moist and flavourful chicken koobideh, their signature chicken masti, top favourite chicken saffroni or savoury chicken reyhani, all served unlimited, and grilled to delightful perfection, each complementing the multiple palates and preferences of each patron.

The wonderful Belgrave fan-favourites will be available for takeouts daily during the holy month of Ramadan from 5 pm onwards and for dine-in from 6.30 pm to 2 am. Belgrave’s Ramadan Special Boxes, ideal for enjoying during your sunset or sunrise meals, means these savoury offerings can be relished at home or wherever you choose to be.

In addition to the vibrant spread, Belgrave has also put together two beautifully assorted Ramadan gift boxes, giving patrons a lot to look forward to and making the holy month a lot more joyful. Each gift box contains 20 mini sweets or incredibly delicious salty starters.

Guests favouring Belgrave’s salty culinary masterpieces can now make the iftars of loved ones marvellous affairs to remember through a selection of dolmeh barg, mast o khiar, zaytun parvardeh, smokey yoghurt, kashk bademjoon, sambosa, cheesy balls, and more. These special boxes are only available for takeaway or delivery. But best of all is that Belgrave’s beautiful spread and its Persian culinary delights are also available through its special catering services throughout Ramadan – giving guests the ideal recipe for happy family reunions on iftars and suhours.