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Qannati Unveils its Debut Collection of Objet d’Art Masterpieces

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Qannati Unveils its Debut Collection of Objet d’Art Masterpieces

Premier maker of precious wearable art objects, Qannati Objet d’Art has revealed ‘Celebration of Time’, its debut collection of Eternity bracelets and Quantum timepieces inspired by Mesopotamian culture and expertly handcrafted in France.

Celebration of Time will be unveiled this month at an exclusive, invitation-only presentation in Paris during Couture Week.

Prior to the global launch in July, the collection was presented to clients, connoisseurs of art, watches and high jewellery as well top tier editors and KOLs in the Middle East in May on an appointment basis.

Qannati Objet d’Art
Qannati Objet d’Art is French Bahraini premier maker of precious, one-of-a-kind wearable art objects. The first luxury brand from Bahrain, dually based in Paris and Manama, Qannati Objet d’Art was founded in 2018 by Mahmood Qannati, a Bahraini-born global entrepreneur with a passion for history, a keen eye for art and a love of fine craftsmanship. Four years in the making, Mahmood has overcome every challenge to make the Qannati dream a reality.

Debut Collection
The debut collection, titled ‘Celebration of Time’, consists of 13 intricately designed, beautifully handcrafted art objects designed to be worn on the wrist. Under a sapphire glass dome, each piece features a unique, sculpted miniature ‘métier d’art’ universe that uses a combination of precious stones and exotic materials to narrate, a chapter in the millenary journey of mankind.

This debut collection consists of 6 Eternity bracelets and 6 Quantum Timepieces, each complementing the other as they may be worn separately or together, one on each wrist like the ancient kings of Mesopotamia. The 13th piece, which represents the beginning of time – the big bang, will remain in Qannati’s private collection.

In addition to the existing collection, Qannati Objet d’Art offers its clients, the possibility to order a bespoke bracelet or timepiece, which can be designed by the Qannati team in the theme of the client’s own choosing for the miniature universe under the sapphire dome. This bespoke service is offered to those who desire a wrist ornament that expresses their personal legacy or aspirations.

Ancient Mesopotamian Inspiration
Though handmade in France, Qannati Objet d’Art is firmly grounded in the traditions of ancient Mesopotamian, birthplace of 4,500 year-old civilisations.

The design of each piece is based on the powerful symbolism of the Flower of Life, an ancient ornamental motif reserved for the kings of Mesopotamia and their Chosen Ones.
These motifs which were discovered by Mahmood through the Mesopotamian collections during his visit to the Louvre Museum, ignited his passion to create and launch Qannati Objet d’Art wearable masterpieces thereby reviving the ancient tradition of wearing symbolically powerful objects on both wrists.

Exceptional craftsmanship
To make its vision of unique wearable art objects a reality, Qannati Objet d’Art has harnessed the talents of two of France’s most exceptional master craftsmen. The jewellery ‘conceptor’ and designer Frédéric Mané, named Artistic Director of Qannati, and Jothi-Sèroj Ebroussard, a master jeweller and sculptor, have joined the team, bringing their impeccable “Métiers d’Art” sensibility to Qannati’s masterpieces.

“This collection consists of original handmade objects that will stand out in the eyes of an elite international clientele who appreciates the superlative craftsmanship of timeless ornaments, meticulously crafted and always one-of-a-kind. We believe in exclusivity, which is why each masterpiece is unique, because each life experience is unique,” says Mahmood Qannati, founder of Qannati Objet d’Art.

Master Designer and Artistic Director
For over two decades, French master designer Frédéric Mané has used his immense talent to create outstanding objects for the world’s most renowned luxury brands and important high jewelry houses of the Place Vendôme.

Mané’s Parisian design studio is dedicated to creating a wealth of luxury objects, among them precious watches and bespoke jewellery. His extraordinarily objects have earned him the title of ‘Lord of Jewellery Design’ on the Place Vendôme. His work has been widely exhibited around the world, and he regularly travels to meet clients and the collectors of his custom-made creations.

As Qannati’s Artistic Director, Mané has conceptualised the stories inside each unique piece, creating a precious stage for each under the sapphire dome, to capture the very essence of a chosen narrative in precise technical details and a masterful finish.

Master Jeweller and Sculptor
Jothi-Sèroj Ebroussard, known as ‘Jothi’, founded his company shortly after obtaining a degree from a prestigious college of applied arts, l’École Boulle of Paris.

A precocious artist, Jothi became a frequent collaborator with the high jewellery maisons of the Place Vendôme. An artist with a passion for sculpture, Jothi’s preferred artistic expression is miniature sculpture.

Marrying his Parisian sensibility with a taste for the mystical and the exotic, Jothi brings an unmistakably authentic touch to his unique creations for Qannati.

From precious stones to the range of materials that he transforms with his boundless creativity, Jothi has an unrivalled eye for detail, enriching his creative imagination with nature’s elements.– TradeArabia News Service