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Following Paul Smith’s commitment to creating innovative, contemporary tailoring, these new jacket shapes for men and women mix classic riding styles with strong colours and subtle punk references.

The starting point for the collection was a series of traditional British riding jackets, which were modernised and updated to create unique new shapes.

Contrast velvet collars, bold metal buttons and a strong, straight shoulder line show the influence of the traditional riding jackets. Set against this, contemporary tailoring fabrics and pastel pink colours add modernity to the jacket whilst calling to mind Paul Simonon from The Clash’s famous quote that “pink is the only true rock ‘n’ roll colour”.

For men there are three new jacket shapes in the series. The first takes inspiration from a 1900’s riding jacket with buttoned chest pockets, an additional ticket pocket and a cutaway front, which serve as direct references to the jacket’s equestrian origins. Modernity comes from colour and fabric, most notably the velvet collar in a contrasting shade of blue. As a finishing touch, monogrammed gold buttons are embossed with “PS” in a gothic font. The second jacket is a one-button style with a low break and a boxy silhouette that starts with a bold, square shoulder. A green velvet collar adds another contrasting detail. Finally, a third jacket adapts a classic three-button design with a cutaway front. It has been cut to fit oversized and comes with a contrast blue collar.

For women, two new jackets shapes have also been added. A traditional four-button riding jacket with a high break is faithful to the original reference, with modernity coming from the colour and cotemporary lightweight tailoring cloth. A second new shape is a two-button jacket with a lower break and leather straps on the arms, which hint at the punk references in the collection.

Both men’s and women’s jackets have been styled with bondage trousers finished with straps and buckles, another reference to the punk movement.