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Pastry Chef Claire Heitzler reveals the ingredients for the perfect festive dessert

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Pastry Chef Claire Heitzler reveals the ingredients for the perfect festive dessert

The French Dairy Board and the European Union have partnered with one of the world’s foremost pastry chefs, Claire Heitzler, to showcase to Middle East consumers why European cream is the perfect ingredient this festive season.

Chef Claire trained under her compatriot, renowned French chef Alain Ducasse in Tokyo before putting her dessert expertise to acclaimed success at the Park Hyatt Dubai. The award-winning chef returned to Paris, where she led the pastry team at the Ritz and latterly worked at the famous French luxury bakery and sweets maker, LaDurée, before starting her own consultancy.

Long lauded for its many uses when creating everything from the simplest of desserts to a show-stopping cake, French dairy cream is 100% dairy so 100% natural.  Chef Claire Heitzler said, “French cream is my go-to when making desserts. I never could do pastry without French cream. This ingredient is at the base of everything I do, and we’re fortunate to have excellent quality dairy products in France thanks to our unique terroir and farming methods.”

“One of the main qualities of French cream is it can help reduce the bitterness of cocoa, the acidity of lemon, temper certain fruits and the astringency of others, which makes it the perfect ingredient this festive season,” said Chef Claire.

How to prepare the perfect festive treat, the Pavlova – Chef Claire Heitlzer recipe.



100g egg white

100g sugar

100g icing sugar

Beat the egg whites until stiff while progressively adding the powdered sugar. Once the eggs are in stiff, softly add the icing sugar with a spatula.

Poach the meringue in a flower shape and cook for 10 min at 100 degrees, then 1 hour at 80 degrees.

Vanilla Chantilly 

250g French cream

25g sugar

1/2 vanilla pod

Cut the vanilla in two and peel it in the cream.

Add the sugar and beat with the whisk.


One lime

500g raspberries

20g sugar

Squeeze half of the raspberries with the sugar to obtain a marmalade.

Fill the bottom of the meringue flower with marmalade.

Add the fresh raspberries and lay a beautiful rose window with chantilly. Peel green citrus zest on the top of the Pavlova.