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Panasonic’s CES 2020 Showcase Highlights the Future of Mobility


Panasonic’s CES 2020 Showcase Highlights the Future of Mobility

From once in a lifetime experiences and intergalactic travel to safer, more efficient roadways, smart mobility solutions, and immersive entertainment experiences, Panasonic is showcasing its latest range of innovations at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The booth is divided into three highly interactive zones – Connected Mobility, Immersive Experiences, and Intelligent Living Spaces – highlighting why the company is a leading integrated solutions provider and how those solutions deliver a better life, a better world.

Panasonic Talks
Newly introduced this year, Panasonic Talks is a series of succinct and insightful discussions with some of the brightest minds and passionate advocates in their respective industries and spaces, among them Olympians Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky, Panasonic automotive expert Andrew Poliak, and US Olympic & Paralympic Museum CEO Chris Liedel.

Smart Mobility
Panasonic showcases exciting new possibilities for human mobility, designed for safer, greener and more comfortable travel.
• Connected Vehicle Technology – Connected vehicles that communicate with other cars and infrastructure can help make roads safer and reduce CO2 emissions and congestion, while giving traffic managers real-time actionable data to re-route traffic and dispatch emergency crews. On spotlight is CIRRUS by Panasonic, a connected vehicle data platform that can improve safety and mobility on the road by sharing data between vehicles, infrastructure, roadways and traffic operators in real time. The platform provides cloud analytics data processing, real-time analysis and transmission, and data storage capabilities for sharing and updating vehicles and municipalities with road conditions, operations and other safety information. This year, Panasonic will also connect 2020 Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle models, equipped with H-D Connect™ Service, designed to enhance the motorcycle experience by connecting riders to their motorcycle through a cellular connection to the telematics control unit (TCU) utilizing Panasonic’s OneConnect™ service. Also on display is Panasonic’s latest fully connected eCockpit concept. The technology platform integrates Panasonic’s proprietary SkipGen 3.0 in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system with Google’s Android Automotive OS running on Android 10. In a Karma SC-1 concept vehicle, SkipGen 3.0 is paired with the next generation cockpit domain controller, SPYDR 3.0. At the core, the single brain SPYDR 3.0 acts as a hypervisor and is capable of driving up to eleven displays. Both SkipGen 3.0 and SPYDR 3.0 are connected and powered by Panasonic’s proprietary software and cloud platform, OneConnectSM. Whether sending or receiving key infotainment messages on the run, this advanced cockpit system can also seamlessly run multimedia streaming or gaming applications for passenger and rear seat entertainment.
• Autonomous and Electric Vehicles – Panasonic introduces two Tropos electric compact utility vehicles (eCUVs) concept trucks: an emergency fire truck and a refrigeration cargo truck integrated with Hussmann by Panasonic products and solutions. Also on display is the WHILL Next, an electric wheelchair with passenger assisted robotic technology for safe and comfortable movement indoors.
• Tech for next-level passenger experience – Panasonic’s state-of-the-art 3D inflight map application brings a range of new capabilities and is inspired by the latest design thinking of digital and gaming experiences. The Arc™ Inflight Map Platform leverages the high viewership of inflight moving maps with an omnichannel approach and is the industry’s first personalized map. The company also unveiled forward-looking concepts under exploration in its effort to bring technologies enjoyed by gaming enthusiasts at home to the air, as well as a collection of care and comfort technologies that promote well-being and engage a traveller’s multiple senses. This includes Serenity In-Seat, Premium Seat Lighting, Panasonic’s nanoe™ technology, and Wellness digital application.

Immersive Experiences
Panasonic continues to lead the way in creating truly immersive experiences for audiences in spaces like music festivals, theme parks, sporting events and more. Headlining the showcase is the world’s first High Dynamic Range (HDR) capable ultra-high definition (UHD) virtual reality (VR) eyeglasses. Panasonic also unveiled its new high-speed projection mapping technology, a game-changer in delivering next-generation visual experience for sporting and entertainment events. There is also the Technics SL-1200MK7 Turntable, which features sound-enhancing technologies and boasts the popular reverse playback functionality.

Intelligent Living Spaces
Panasonic has revealed its vision for the intelligent home technology with concepts such as HomeX, an advanced analytics and learning algorithms platform that enables appliances, electronics and services to adjust to be more personalized to accommodate and anticipate user needs. Also showcased are: Connected Homeware, developed to meet the need for an integrated, personalized home experience; a new Activity Sensing Technology that predicts users behavior to enable more comfort and personalization for the home; Home Cybersecurity, a cybersecurity solution that protects IoT devices in the local network by countering malicious control commands; Human Insight Technology, which can provide data to make recommendations to improve the individual’s experience at home, in their place of business or in public spaces; and, HomeHawk FLOOR, an ingeniously designed camera system for smart, discreet and reliable home monitoring. Moreover, Panasonic is also presenting its eBike, which has been granted the industry’s first Safety Standard Certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the not-for-profit safety standards development organization and leading safety science company.

In addition, Panasonic also unveiled other new innovations, among them: three of the industry’s smallest and lightest 4K 60p camcorders; the LUMIX S1H, a Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera equipped with a full-frame image sensor, combining cinema quality video recording with the high mobility of a mirrorless camera; the RZ-S500W True wireless headphones, which boast reliable connectivity and industry-leading noise cancellation technology for easy listening and crystal-clear phone conversations; the Technics EAH-AZ70W True Wireless Headphones, which combine Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology with a new 10-mm dynamic driver to create a premium listening experience in a compact, light-weight design; the M series wireless over-ear headphones, built for enjoying low frequency beats like those found in trap and rap music; the HZ2000 OLED TV, expertly built by collaboration between Hollywood professionals and Panasonic and Technics engineers to provide beautiful color, immersive sound and smart home connectivity; and, the SC-HTB01 Gaming Speaker, designed to allow players to experience the world of games filled with intensity and tension with a high level of realism.

Apart from the main booth at the LVCC, Panasonic has a booth at Sands Expo (Location: Sands Expo, Level 2, Booth #42711) where a variety of smart home technology are on exhibit. Included are: ENY (Battery-less & Wireless Switch Button) designed to get/analyze feedback from your customer; Vacuum Insulated Glass that provides new value to the space inside the mobility or a house; intelligent lighting solutions STAND BY D, RGB_Light and BeamAR; Teplo, designed to infuse tea in the best way for you by sensing your physical condition; Cook’Keep, a smart home appliance that cools down and warms up your meal whenever you want; and, Project: NeSSA, which remembers the last time you wear the clothes you wear now, and lets you know if you are scheduled to see the same person as last time.