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The latest restaurant concept from Alexander Orlov, restaurateur and founder of Bulldozer Group, MIYA Dubai is now open and set to bring a taste of the Greek Isles to Bluewaters Island. Inspired by the always glamorous Mykonos, MIYA will mirror the magic and beauty of the sunny Cycladic Island, blending Greek hospitality with a passion for flavour.

Born from Greek roots, the inspiration for the restaurant came from sunny Mykonos, where once lived Miya, a beautiful soul with a passion for blending, baking, and marinating. She would take a handful of raw ingredients and turn them into delectable culinary wonders that she loved to share with friends. In a tribute to the Greek figure of Miya, each dish at the Dubai restaurant is crafted with love, using only the highest quality produce and has a story behind it that makes every bite wonderful.

“We are thrilled to bring this new concept to life, which will be the perfect addition to Bluewaters Island and the city’s wider culinary scene,” said Alexander Orlov, founder of Bulldozer Group. “With a unique combination of legendary Greek hospitality, a warm community feel and an elevated yet unassuming culinary offering, MIYA is set to be an instant hit with Dubai’s diners.”

The menu represents traditional Greek dishes and is dominated by a selection of Mediterranean favorites, with each designed to tell a timeless story of food, friends, and togetherness. Guests can expect familiar Greek flavors with a modern twist, with signature dishes such as Beef tartar with black truffle; Roasted octopus with hummus and salsa verde; Kebab with aubergine and cnipckpeass popcorn; Feta saganaki with tomato marmalade; Greek yougurt with lukumades and Baked Pepper with Tuna Tartar and Tonnato Sauce.

MIYA’s dessert selection will feature popular favorites with a unique twist, while the bar offering will have a wide variation of invigorating and appetizing cocktails and mocktails, as well as a list of traditional Greek grape for guests to enjoy in the picturesque surroundings.

Welcoming guests to a traditional, Mediterranean-style interiors with a contemporary edge, Miya offers a warm, cheerful environment that invites patrons to connect over food in a cozy atmosphere. The carefully sourced artwork displayed throughout the venue emphasizes MIYA’s Greek roots, while the open plan kitchen allows guests to take in the smells, sights and sounds of the place.

Featuring a neutral color palette with pops of blue, white, and copper, the interior décor incorporates thoughtfully crafted natural textures throughout, such as reclaimed wood accents, herringbone tile and rattan furniture. In the evenings, guests can enjoy their meals in a relaxed atmosphere with warm, subdued lighting complete with a backdrop of melodic live music provided by Greek musicians.

In addition to the delectable culinary offering, the restaurant will have a variety of live entertainment throughout the week, guaranteeing a memorable dining experience right in the heart of Bluewaters Island. Bring your appetite and enjoy traditional Greek dancers, singers and plate smashing moments along with the authentic cuisine.

At MIYA, meals become an event and moments become memories. Every day is a new adventure and an opportunity to savor sun-soaked moments in a welcoming, Greek-inspired setting – right here in Dubai.

For bookings and inquiries, please call +971 456 40008 or email reservations@miyadubai.com