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Montblanc Embraces the Library Spirit

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Montblanc Embraces the Library Spirit

Hundreds of shelves, thousands of books, and millions of words to discover. Libraries around the world are extraordinary destinations of enlightenment where knowledge is transmitted through time and generations. A journey through the aisles of a library is a journey of discovery, and imagination. With every turn of a page and through every word inked on paper, literary explorers are transported into a new universe.

The universe of words is also the universe of Montblanc, creator of tools that capture thoughts and emotions on paper, immortalizing them today for tomorrow’s readers. The Library Spirit, the latest campaign from Montblanc, invites us into the library to be inspired and to experience the Montblanc pieces that are part of this journey of immersive discovery.

Shot by world-renowned photographer Mariano Vivanco, the visual campaign captures British actor Callum Turner, alongside models Kit Butler, Justice Joslin and Mattia Narducci, as they explore the wonders of a library’s book-filled shelves. Montblanc pen in hand, Callum writes in his notebook, reflecting on the discoveries he makes on this journey, absorbing new ideas and stories.

“Libraries are a place for knowledge, intimacy and emotions, where words are there to be discovered for all eternity, expressing the power of their author’s imagination through time. It is a destination that is so authentic to Montblanc, a Maison that has always championed the power of words, and the way they shape our collective cultural identity. With this campaign, we want to invite others into this world to be inspired, to learn something new, to be challenged,” says Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc Artistic Director.

The Library Spirit features a selection of Montblanc products that accompany any explorer on their journey of inspiration, whether in moments of quiet reflection or while venturing into the world beyond.

Connected to the culture of writing, the Montblanc Sartorial collection feature design codes inspired by the beauty and experience of handwriting. Recognizable ink bottles from the Montblanc archive have inspired the triangular design of the handles, while the construction of the sides of the bags evoke the opening of an envelope with two overlapping pieces of leather. A modularity system allows small pieces to be attached to larger bags, creating new functionalities, wearing attitudes and many customization possibilities.

Other key pieces completing the hero assortment include the Meisterstück Great Masters Calligraphy Precious Resin 149 with its curved nib, particularly suited for detailed writing and sketching, the Montblanc 1858 Iced Sea watch with its original glacier pattern dial, and the sleek Montblanc MB 01 Over-Ear Headphones.

With its new campaign, Montblanc brings the inspirational influence of the library into the spotlight, reminding us of the power of words to shape new ideas and spark creativity.