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Logitech CollabOS 1.6 updates places greater emphasis on creating equitable, hybrid meetings

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Logitech CollabOS 1.6 updates places greater emphasis on creating equitable, hybrid meetings

Logitech is powering up its video collaboration (VC) devices through the latest CollabOS 1.6 and firmware updates, bringing helpful enhancements like expanded mic and camera support, camera speed controls, Local Network Access (LAN) configuration, and auto-rotate features to facilitate the hybrid meeting experience. The updates will make hybrid meetings easier to deploy, manage, and join.

CollabOS is the unifying operating system which runs on select Logitech video collaboration devices. With CollabOS, these devices work seamlessly together, continuously improve, and are easier than ever to deploy and manage and help deliver high-quality, equitable meeting experiences for everyone.

The UAE is accelerating its digital transformation efforts, and according to Loubna Imenchal, Head of Video Collaboration at Logitech AMECA, organizations using Logitech solutions will notice that the CollabOS 1.6 update adds more collaborative value to their in-person, hybrid and virtual meetings.” This update will make it easier to deploy new features and create a more seamless atmosphere to leverage one-click content sharing and collaboration.”

Creating more equitable meetings through enhanced video and audio capabilities

Ensuring equitability in hybrid meetings is important in today’s business environment and this means that every participant should feel and be equally seen and equally heard no matter if they are in the office or working at home. Having responsive and adaptable video is a crucial fixture in today’s meeting rooms, and Logitech’s CollabOS 1.6 update helps achieve this through expanded Mic Pod support, external camera support, and adjustable camera speed controls:

● Expanded Mic Pod support: With the latest CollabOS 1.6 update, Logitech’s all-in-one VC solution ‘Rally Bar’ can now support up to four Rally Mic Pods extending the mic range and modular microphones which suppress background noise. The Rally Bar Mini, which is ideal for small and medium-sized rooms, now supports up to three Mic Pods. Mic Pods allow people farther from the camera to contribute to the conversation more easily and be heard by remote participants, and brings mute controls within reach.

● External camera support: Zoom Rooms powered by Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, now allows users to connect a Rally Camera or MeetUp as an external camera. This allows users the flexibility to switch between the built-in Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini cameras or these external cameras, thus providing users with unfettered in-room views. RoomMate, Logitech’s computing appliance that turns any space into a video conferencing room, now allows users to connect up to 2 external cameras.

● RightSight 2 camera speed controls: RightSight2 introduced auto-framing technology that simultaneously presents both a close-up view of the individual speaker and a view of the entire meeting room during video calls. Now, IT admins can also adjust how quickly RightSight 2 pans and zooms between speakers, both in Speaker View and in Group View. This setting allows you to speed up or slow down camera transitions as different people begin or finish talking.

Simplifying back-end setups for maximum efficiency

Logitech’s CollabOS 1.6 update helps simplify IT operations, easing some of the headaches associated with supporting teams as they return to the office, such as being able to configure meeting room devices through LAN, and auto-rotation functionality for Tap:

● Simple LAN configuration: Meeting room devices can be easily configured right out of the box with LAN, which provides access to device settings through a web browser using a computer connected to the same network agency. Previously only available as a beta feature for Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, LAN is now available for all CollabOS devices including RoomMate, Tap Scheduler, and Tap IP, significantly simplifying setup and deployment of video conferencing cameras and devices.

● Auto-rotate for Tap: Upon updating the Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and RoomMate, the Logitech Tap screen can be set to automatically rotate to the correct orientation, whether used on a table, riser mount, or mounted on a wall. This ensures that the screen is always in the right orientation to be read by users.

The new CollabOS1.6 update is available globally through the Logitech Sync Portal.

Logitech video collaboration devices can also be updated with the Microsoft Teams admin center and Zoom Device Management as the updates become available.