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LG Launches World’s First Arabic Supported AI TVs in Saudi Arabia


LG Launches World’s First Arabic Supported AI TVs in Saudi Arabia

LG Electronics Saudi Arabia launched the world’s first Arabic supported artificial intelligence (AI) TV line-up, at a grand ceremony held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh today. LG Saudi Arabia, distributor United NAGHI, major channels and media representatives attended the launch, witnessing firsthand LG’s cutting-edge technology.

LG AI TV Line-up features premium revolutionary products delivering an outstanding audiovisual experience. Integrated with LG’s ThinQ platform, LG AI TVs allow you to talk in Arabic, with Natural Language Processing (NLP) helping deliver intelligent voice-activated control in standard Arabic, in addition to the Saudi and GCC dialect. This means that users can talk to their TV’s in the Saudi dialect.

This feature makes it easier than ever to source answers simply by speaking into the remote control without additional hardware requirements. By understanding context, the TVs respond to more complex requests, meaning that users will not have to make a series of repetitive commands to get the desired results. LG’s ThinQ AI TVs are designed to provide consumers with a multitude of benefits, including TV control and content search. Users can change channels, alter the volume and adjust settings by simply using their voice. Content search functionality also enables users to discover the latest shows on Netflix and trending videos on YouTube.

Managing Director of LG Electronics in Saudi Arabia, Eddie Jun commented: “We are excited to bring forth the world’s first Arabic supported artificial intelligence (AI) televisions to the Saudi market. Knowing Saudi Arabia’s passion for home entertainment, we were eager to integrate innovative technology that understands the Saudi dialect and create a premium and immersive viewing experience. At LG, we strive and will continue to cater to the needs of our customers in Saudi Arabia, ensuring they get the best technology in the market.”

The TVs support a wide range of devices like mobile phones and IOT devices, with the home dashboard allowing users to see everything connected to their TVs at a glance and controlling the devices directly from the TV. In effort to elevate consumers’ audiovisual experience, LG decided to enhance the consumer’s experience by integrating its AI ThinQ technology into their TVs to create a more seamless user journey. This technology relies on the Deep Learning algorithm to set different settings such as picture, brightness, and sound automatically, optimizing it to give you the best picture possible.

The new LG models offer a higher level of AI picture and sound quality, taking the home entertainment experience to new heights. The new α9 & α7 Gen2 processors in the new televisions use LG’s Deep Learning Technology to recognize content source quality and determine the best upgrade method for optimal visual output, delivering the most realistic picture quality that looks sharp, vivid and detailed thanks to deep learning technology upscaling and improved noise reduction. They finely adjust the tone mapping curve in accordance with ambient conditions to offer optimized screen brightness, leveraging its ability to understand how the human eye perceives images in different lighting. The technology is able to up-mix the audio to virtual 5.1 in a more natural, accurate and enjoyable way. It intuitively knows the differences in sound characteristics between stereo and surround sound for multiple genre.

The α9 Gen 2 optimizes output based on content type, making voices clearer in movies, dramas and news broadcasts, among others. Users can adjust sound settings to suit room conditions or let their LG TV intelligently set the perfect levels based on its positioning. Additionally, the slim frame of the TVs on the outside of the picture maximizes the viewing experience while its sleek design harmonizes with the home space and adds a sophisticated ambience. Viewers will immerse themselves in what they are watching with slim bezel and slender design stand.

Jerry Hahm, Business Director of the Home Entertainment division of LG Electronics in Saudi Arabia said: “LG allocates huge investments to research and development to empower consumers around the world to live more efficiently through innovative technological products. Saudi Arabia has always been and will remain a key market for LG home entertainment, and the revolutionary Arabic speaking television is an example of our commitment to our customers in this market.”