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LG DUALCOOL air conditioners part of SEEC’s “High Efficiency AC Initiative”

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LG DUALCOOL air conditioners part of SEEC’s “High Efficiency AC Initiative”

LG Electronics has announced its contribution to the Saudi Energy Efficiency Centre (SEEC) initiative that aims to reduce energy consumption through the use of energy efficient air conditioners. With official statistics showing that air conditioners of different types consume more than half of the electrical energy produced in the Kingdom, SEEC’s “High Efficiency AC Initiative” motivates people to purchase high efficiency ACs based on international standards.
Under the initiative, LG is offering a SAR 900 discount on three of its Dual Inverter (DUALCOOL) split air conditioners of 18000 and 24000 BTU with four ways swing and Wi-Fi (Smart ThinQ).
The ground-breaking LG Dual Inverter technology offers high-performance cooling, saving energy up to 53% and reaching the set temperature 60% faster than conventional models. Dual Inverter ACs are characterized by their reduced noise and smooth operation. The Comfort Air mode in these ACs helps users feel more relaxed and protects their health by adjusting the vane to the optimal angle, keeping airflow circulating around the room rather than blowing directly onto the individual. Dual Inverter compressors work at very high temperatures and have a longer life span, allowing up to 10-year warranties.
The LG Air Purifying System built into DUALCOOL Split Air Conditioners improves the quality of indoor air while also keeping homes cool and comfortable. The Indoor Air Quality Display on the front panel provides essential information at a glance, as it shows current conditions and air purification progress via icons that change color to reflect the cleanliness of the surrounding air.
“We are pleased to partner with SEEC to promote energy efficiency and serve the economic and environmental objectives of Saudi Vision 2030,” said Eddie Jun, President of LG Electronics in Saudi Arabia. “With the impressive DUALCOOL air conditioners, Saudi consumers can enjoy a double win of up to 53% energy savings on electricity bills and the potential of up to 60% faster cooling. The 10-year warranty on the compressor allows consumers to truly benefit from an excellent return on their investment and enjoy their LG air conditioner for a longer period of time.”
LG Electronics was one of the first companies to invest in technology to address environmental and energy issues and contribute to a sustainable future. With its latest DUALCOOL Inverter Air Conditioners. LG provides people in Saudi Arabia with an optimal air conditioning solution that ensures the highest levels of energy efficiency and comfort. LG is the leading brand of residential air conditioners with the world’s highest market share, maintaining its position as a leader since 2000.
Customers wishing to take advantage of the promotion under this initiative can visit LG showrooms and authorized dealers across the Kingdom.