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Calamity Jane, Easy Rider, fantastical horseback rides and vast desert plains… I wanted to center my new High Jewelry collection around the Wild West.
The so-aptly named Wild West has always captured our imaginations. Wide open spaces, and vast silences have fueled my desire to escape, and wish to reconnect with the power of wild nature. Great expanses of infinite possibilities meet a need for freedom that resonates perfectly with my vision of modern jewelry that is moving and free of all constraints. What better celebration of the forces of nature than the integration of it into the history of Maison Messika through the use of materials other than precious metals or my queen of stones, the diamond.
Diamonds set against wood, stones lighter than feathers. In this new High Jewelry collection, necklaces and other pieces of High Jewelry tame the materials and respond to this nature where diamonds become talismans, and stack like a totem.
Born to Be Wild embodies the persona of a pioneering woman; a conqueror with a sensual and libertarian attitude. Farewell to the fairytale universe of Once Upon A Time, mount your steed for a wild yet previous desert ride.
“I like to travel, to get away… With Born to be Wild, I wanted to instill a state of mind that alludes a feeling of escape. Between fantasy and imagination, the desert acts upon mankind like a great revealer, living up to and surpassing itself. The North American desert, more than any other, leaves one speechless; making you feel like no one and someone at the same time….” Valérie Messika

Bohemian – SNAKE DANCE

Several ceremonies rhythm the Native American tribes way of life. Among the Hopi, the most impressive ritual dance is that of the serpent. The Snake Dance jewels take on the hypnotic undulations of the snake. It is near impossible not to give in to the charm of this modern and feminine version of Toi & Moi. From the shapes, curves, and positioning of the stones, everything is delicately set to instill a sense of movement. A captivating and brightly gleaming necklace, with the lines of brilliant-cut and pear-cut diamonds seductively wrap around the neck.

In a topsy-turvy effect, the marquise cut diamonds semi-surrounded by a delicate feather setting adorn the ear and frame the face with dazzling light.

The feather setting is in the spotlight with this pair of hoop earrings. In trend of XXL jewels, the spheres of marquise cut diamonds adorn the face with added radiance. For the minimalist, Valérie Messika has dreamt the same jewel in a lighter format, to be worn day and night.

The impetuous Snake Dance curve is also found in a ring with a bold and ultra-feminine motif. Sensual jewelry on the skin, the ring is worn unfurling across two fingers. The pear and marquise cut diamonds magnify the entire hand in one graceful movement.


Valérie Messika completes this set with a ring that wraps around the finger, delicately and boldly adorning it.
The cockerel feather inspires the designer who re-interprets it in a pair of 100% diamond earrings. The marquise cut diamonds, delicately placed in full symmetry, depict the graceful and aerial movement of the Diamond Catcher feather.
True to her daring style, Valérie Messika has created an exceptional diamond bandeau necklace combined with cockerel feathers. They appear as two noble materials which resonate in contrast. Soft to touch and light to wear, the feather is delicately combined with pear-cut and marquise-cut diamonds. With a perfect continuity of stones, the detachable feather adjusts to the hollow of the neck. A feeling of weightless plumage reinforced by feather setting, signature of the Maison.
The feather of the Diamond Catcher is in the spotlight with a pair of asymmetrical earrings. Placed on a single side, the detachable cockerel feather allows for all eccentricities and gives life to a pair of chameleon earrings, to be worn during the day and at night.
With the continued aim to design statement pieces, Valérie Messika reveals her feather and diamond motif in a trendy arm bracelet. Once on the skin, the precious talisman becomes a tattoo and gives the illusion of being part of a tribe. This jewelry is the perfect incarnation of the néoporté “by Messika”, with its boldness, splendor and finesse.



In the shape of an inverted moon, this necklace draws upon the lines of a “Squash Blossom”, a traditional Native American necklace. Worn at ceremonies, it is one of the most well-known symbols of the Native American world. It is called «Squash Blossom» after the sliver flowers from which it is made. Derived from Moorish inspiration, this piece of jewelry symbolizes the pomegranate. A Native American legend tells how young girls upon marriage would receive the Squash Blossom from their mothers, passing them on from generation to generation.
In a chic bohemian spirit, the designer revisits the shape of the crescent moon with a feminine piece to be worn at the hollow of the neckline. Two lines of diamonds are perfectly suspended using the knife-edge thread technique. Each diamond, seemingly isolated from each other, appear to float. In the center is a marquise-cut diamond drop of 0,71ct E/VVS1.


The precious half-moon motif is presented in XXL in its hoop earrings. Always worked in a perfect layering of marquise and pear cut diamonds, it has a strong and bold appearance. To be worn as a pair for an elegant bohemian look or asymmetrically with the miniature hoop earrings of the same collection.


The spectacle of the sunrise over the rocks of the American desert is a moment suspended in time. The intensity of the light and the vivid colors in this exceptional place make the spectacle magic and unique.
Guaranteed to glare. This necklace shines like rain of 109 marquise-cut and pear-cut diamonds. The solar spirit of this piece is conveyed in the work on its lines: gradient bars of yellow gold, and an incidental rhythm of the marquise-cut diamonds on each ray. With technical prowess produced by the Messika High jewelry Atelier, this necklace is very flexible: each beam is connected and threaded onto a corded chain which is placed directly around the neck. A unique creation requiring 500 hours of work from the master jewelers and master setters.


In the same line, Valérie Messika has created a very trendy cuff. The body worked with an alternation of yellow gold and white diamond lines concludes with a wave of pear-cuts. Perfectly symmetrical, semi-paved diamonds recall the reflections of the sun.

To complete this set, Valérie Messika imagine several pieces which rival of sensuality. A ring gracefully wraps around the finger while earrings of varying proportions frame the face with an added radiance.


The motifs of this master piece of the Born to be Wild collection evoke the plumes of the traditional Native American headdresses which are decorated with eagle feathers. Each feather symbolized an act of bravery: their number, position and color all imbued with particular meaning. The individuality of Ziricote wood, the essence of Central America renowned for the richness of patterns, combined with the delicate touch of a pink gold frame give this necklace a unique dimension.

With a desire to offer women jewelry that is easy to wear every day, Valérie Messika also offers a lighter version of her motif in wood. Conceived with a single wooden feather, the choker and bracelet are made with the Skinny system, signature of the House. A long necklace completes this rock yet feminine set.


Valérie Messika offers a more minimalistic version of her new collection by creating Desert Bloom River. Simplified and purified, the pear-set motif unfolds in a feminine and trendy set. One can find a river necklace, the classic jewelry to which Valérie Messika gives a bold and avant-garde twist. While flexible, the necklace with juxtaposing motifs is placed on the skin and illuminates the neckline.
An emblematic new ear piece, the ear-cuff is being raised to new heights. A terribly desirable jewel has taken shape in an impulsive cascade of surrounding pear-cut diamonds. The precious earcuff is composed of 284 diamonds which dress the full length of the ear with voluptuous assurance. With this bracelet, the designer imagines two jewels in one as both feminine and sensual. On one hand, a river bracelet dresses the wrist. One the other, an alliance with the same motif, connected to the bracelet by a line of pear-cut diamonds. With this contemporary pieces, the designer blows an Haute Couture wind across High Jewelry.


The Desert Bloom High Jewelry necklace is a beautiful part of the sensuality. A magnificent necklace with two rows of pear-cut diamonds : the first row is highlighted by the second with feather-cut diamonds.
The Desert Bloom High Jewelry set is completed with two pairs of earrings. In the trend of chandelier earrings, the designer reinvents the Desert Bloom motif through a precious range, delivering a truly red-carpet design. Two sizes are available: those of whom have a classic style will prefer the minimalist version while the more adventurous will fall in love with the XXL version.
Fully flexible, this necklace follows a woman in her gestures and adapts to her style through multiple wears. Composed of two distinctive parts. On one side, a choker of small pear cut settings, arranged into a mirror pattern encircle upon a breathtaking 1,2ct marquise cut diamond. On the other, a 4-layer sautoir necklace adds the perfect final touch to the neckline. Thus transformable at will, the imposing plastron allows for multiple ways of wearing: the choker, the sautoir, or the fine combination of the two.
To be worn day and night, Valérie Messika has dreamt the Desert Bloom motif in the form of chandelier earrings. These earrings create the illusion of diamonds floating below the earlobe. An exercise in style combined with technical prowess.