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Introduction to CCCXXXIII and founder Christopher R. King

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Introduction to CCCXXXIII and founder Christopher R. King

We would like to introduce you to Christopher R. King and CCCXXXIII, the luxury brand he founded. Mr. King is often described by people who know him as a modern-day Renaissance man. Even more than a designer, creator, innovator, and entrepreneur, he is a man with a vision. Though born in America, King has a deep connection and appreciation for his European roots. With his profound respect for tradition and old-world craftsmanship, his vision is to reinvigorate and rediscover a sense of pride in the history, heritage, and detail of centuries ago; essentially reviving the foundation for the world of luxury, as we know it today.

King is an established authority in the luxury industry, backed up by 15 years of dedication to perfection, building relationships and garnering respect from industry leaders worldwide. Through his business ventures and creative endeavors, King has the unique ability to see, create, and magnify luxurious details in a way that nobody else can. His brand, CCCXXXIII, is an embodiment of his vision; exclusive, high quality, limited edition products such as briefcases, backpacks, laptop cases, tablet cases, women’s clutches and other essentials handmade by some of the finest craftsmen in the world. What truly sets CCCXXXIII apart from other brands is the investment and dedication to quality, for both time and materials. This dedication is exemplified best by the brand’s crest, which was created in collaboration with the last known heraldic artist and medieval designer in the world and can be seen on the three signature gold coins incorporated on each product.

Living out his passion, Mr. King dedicates his time to creative projects that contribute to his overall vision of reviving old-world quality, sophistication, and the art of the gentleman.