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Introducing LYMA’s next generation Oxygen Mist and Glide.

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Introducing LYMA’s next generation Oxygen Mist and Glide.

-A uniquely formulated to turbo-charge the LYMA Laser’s remarkable results-

LYMA’s next generation Oxygen Mist and Glide are designed to turbo-charge the LYMA Laser’s remarkable results – an evolution in the three-part protocol to transformed skin.

The next generation Oxygen Mist now contains 100 per cent active stabilised oxygen (ASO), enabling it to quite literally flood the skin with this critical antioxidant for cellular production, blood flow, and moisture retention. Delivered in liquid form, oxygen is able to penetrate through every layer of the skin in a way that its gaseous form (used in most salon oxygen facials) can’t. The results? 100 times more powerful.

Using patented Glycerin and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid (the most absorbable form), the evolved Oxygen Glide is clinically proven to deliver in-depth moisturisation, increased collagen production and significantly improved firmness. Magnolia extract reduces pigmentation and age spots, resulting in a brighter, more even skin tone.

This powerful duo’s capabilities are taken to the next level when used as part of the Laser system. The Oxygen Glide’s ultra-smooth formula allows the Laser to travel over the skin more seamlessly than ever before, while the coherent infrared laser light increases the skin’s ability to absorb these potent formulas. Cellular energy flourishes – and this activity is what profoundly improves the skin.

The new duo also comes with five LYMA Sponges which are made from wood pulp and natural cellulose extract and are fully recyclable.

The LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide are available exclusively for LYMA Members for £99 and as part of the LYMA Laser Starter Kit (£1,999).

How To:

Apply 6 pumps of the Oxygen Mist to the face or area of skin requiring treatment
Follow with 6 pumps of the Oxygen Glide
Glide the Laser slowly over the skin for a minimum of 15 minutes per area
Dampen the sponge in water, and once expanded, squeeze out any excess water. Use the sponge to carefully remove the product using a circular motion. Rinse well and leave the sponge to air dry. Recycle and change the sponge weekly
Continue with your normal skincare routine