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Introducing Caelos Jewellery: Merging Heritage with Pop Culture

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Introducing Caelos Jewellery: Merging Heritage with Pop Culture

Caelos is a luxury homegrown jewellery brand that merges heritage with pop culture. The brainchild of entrepreneur Hussein Mahallati, the brand was born from a dynasty of jewellery experience and expertise offering statement pieces for the past, present and future. Luxurious and radical, the brand is driven by bespoke craftmanship intertwined with visual and internal revolution.

Known for breaking the jewellery status-quo, Caelos brings a new era of duality made for both men and women to bridge timeless elegance with the new cool. Made from 18k gold, The Caelos Collection consists of bracelets, bangles, necklaces, pendants, earrings,and rings made to be worn double sided. Crafted with the finest DF-VS+ quality material, vvs/vs diamonds, and precious gemstones, each piece signifies the real royal power reflected by the brand. Every distinctive piece is made with the most credible sources while being GIA and IGI tested to ensure optimal quality and attention to detail. With the mission to provide ethereal experience and authentic representation in the society, the brand’s jewellery pieces speak for the future.

“Caelos is set to create the next wave in the jewellery market as we link every generation through our essence of passion and expression apparent in our one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces” says Hussein Mahallati – founder of Caelos Jewellery.

Living true to its name, Caelos radiates the elements of exclusivity while sparking reinvention, loyalty, and confidence that ignites self-love. More than a jewellery brand, Caelos is a revolutionary movement nurtured with innovation and modernity that is meant to reclaim the market.