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Indulge in the Taste of Italy this Season with Chic Nonna’s Exquisite Festive Treats

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Indulge in the Taste of Italy this Season with Chic Nonna’s Exquisite Festive Treats

During the holiday season, Chic Nonna in DIFC embraces the season of giving with an array of delectable festive treats and confections, showcasing the rich and delightful flavours of Italy.

Exclusively available in the restaurant throughout the month of December, guests can share the essence of the holiday spirit with Chic Nonna’s Pandoro. A traditional Veronese sweet bread baked to perfection and adorned with a dusting of vanilla-scented icing sugar, creating a festive masterpiece inspired by the snow-capped peaks of the Italian Alps that is sure to be the star of any celebration. For those looking for a classic Italian holiday treat, the Panettone is a symphony of flavours, featuring candied fruits, raisins, and a hint of citrus zest. The soft and airy texture of the panattone makes it a delightful addition to any holiday gathering or a thoughtful gift for friends and family.

Inspired by the warmth and generosity of Italian traditions, guests can also treat their loved ones to the gift of culinary delight with specially crafted Spaghetti and Paccheri Pastas, or Chic Nonna’s handpicked assortment of premium artisanal Chocolate Box, featuring an array of decadent chocolates and confectionaries to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth.

This holiday, Chic Nonna promises to bring the rich and authentic flavours of Italy to the festive table and bring friends and family together as they indulge in a celebration of tradition and craftsmanship.

Chic Nonna Festive Gifting:

Pandoro – 300 AED
Panettone – 340 AED
Spaghetti Pasta – 40 AED
Paccheri Pasta – 40 AED
Chocolate Box
Small – 65 AED
Large – 115 AED