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Indulge in SugarMoo Desserts this Ramadan

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Indulge in SugarMoo Desserts this Ramadan

There’s never a good enough reason to not eat cake. Thinking of the mouth-watering frosting, has us drooling already. This Ramadan end your Iftar on a sweet note with delicious freshly baked homemade desserts from Sugar Moo, the UAE’s first online dessert delivery business. SugarMoo’s exclusive Ramadan desserts are available for a limited time only, from May 3rd until June 9th.

Here comes reason number 1,964,299 why SugarMoo will sweeten your Iftar and Suhoor this Ramadan. With delivery under 90 minutes, anyone with a sweet craving can order online and have it delivered to your doorstep. The out of the box collection of cakes, cake jars, truffles and a brand-new twist on the classic Ramadan dessert, Maamoul are a yummy fusion of different sweet concoctions.

The talk of the town for your post Iftar treat is the ‘After Iftar Stuffed Cake’, a mix of vanilla sponge, and blue glazed fondant with the cutest little character at the base who clearly enjoyed one too many SugarMoo treats.

Toot toot! If your go to drink is Vimto, SugarMoo got you covered with the ‘Vimto Toot Cake’, a chocolate cake sponge, layered with white chocolate mousse which is delectably infused with Vimto and blackberry compote.

At any time of the year, the vegan cakes from Sugarmoo are beloved, even among dairy-lovers. This Ramadan those with a sweet tooth will rejoice in the ‘Date My Vegan Cake’. SugarMoo’s famous vegan cake will be topped with a decadent homemade date paste, crunchy pistachios and coconut truffles. The ‘Lotus Vegan cake’ is a heavenly mesh of chocolate soy with lotus biscuits and vegan caramel.

Give your Maamoul game the Italian upgrade it needed with some Nutella. SugarMoo’s new spin on the classic, includes a yummy mix of crunchy biscuit stuffed with the dreamy hazelnut paste instead of dates. And if that was not enough – take a bite of the Milky Way cake jar which comes with a bottle of SugarMoo’s secret experiential Tres Leche Milk formula.

SugarMoo will also be offering other delights such as Chocolate Halawa Cake, Kunafah Cheesecake, devilishly good Holy Moly Brownies, Rice Puddings and assorted Ramadan dessert bundles of sweetness that can melt even the frostiest of food-critic-hearts!