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Hands-on with the new HUAWEI MatePad SE – It’s a solid entertainment tablet for families!


Hands-on with the new HUAWEI MatePad SE – It’s a solid entertainment tablet for families!

There are many things in life for which you need something bigger than a smartphone, yet a laptop might be overkill or even an encumbrance. Sitting halfway between laptops and smartphones, tablets are often the perfect devices for such situations. You just need to make sure to get one that fits your needs and budget just right. However, a vibrant display, immersive sound quality and handy smart features are always good to have. Recently, Huawei announced the HUAWEI MatePad SE, an entertainment tablet suitable for everyone in the family; from the young to old. It comes with a 10.4-inch Eye-Comfort 2K HUAWEI FullView Display, a powerful processor, and an immersive sound experience.


Eye comfort 2K HUAWEI FullView Display
The HUAWEI MatePad SE is, above all, a family entertainment tablet. It features a 10.4-inch 2K HUAWEI FullView display with a pixel density of 225 PPI, 83% screen-to-body ratio and narrow 8.5 mm bezels for boundless viewing. It has passed TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light and Flicker Free Certifications and is proven to effectively eliminate screen flickers and reduce blue light emissions. All users have to do is enable Eye comfort mode, and they can then stay free from harm that could otherwise be caused by excessive blue light.

Have you ever found yourself dazzled by an uncomfortably bright screen when you enter a dark room from a bright light? HUAWEI MatePad SE has a perfect solution to such situations. It supports 4096 levels of automatic brightness adjustment. So, the screen brightness can adjust itself in real time based on the ambient light conditions, with smooth transitions of luminance for better eye comfort.

Mind-blowing performance, outstanding efficiency
With the powerful 6 nm octa-core processor on the HUAWEI MatePad SE, you can stream movies and enjoy games without any stutter. What makes it even better is the fact that it consumes less power while outputting stable performance. The result is unparalleled entertainment and audio-visual performance.

Immersive listening experience
The HUAWEI MatePad SE manages to pack in two speakers despite its slim frame. The speakers are placed symmetrically on either side to provide an immersive stereo field with resonant bass and crisp treble. To elevate the audio performance further, the tablet employs scene-adaptive Huawei Histen 8.0, offering pristine and penetrating sound effects. Histen 8.0 creates breathtaking sound effects by fine-tuning audio across different frequency ranges and adjusting volume levels to adapt to different scenes.

While watching movies on the tablet, you won’t be annoyed by unintelligible dialogues. With the unique centre-channel human voice extraction algorithm, the HUAWEI MatePad SE can extract and enhance the human voice. Meanwhile, the surround sound field emitting from the speakers can be separated and widened, effectively improving the clarity and recognition of the voice. That way, the voice will be at the front and centre without getting muddled with the background. Moreover, to cater to the varied requirements of different apps, the tablet uses a bottom-layer algorithm to intelligently identify app types and automatically adjust the speaker sound effect to optimise for different scenarios.

Seamless interactions with Super Device
The HUAWEI MatePad SE comes with Super Device features that allow you to manage your devices and connections from a single place and even share devices between accounts, making cross-device operations easier than ever. HUAWEI MatePad SE lets you connect to a pair of FreeBuds or HUAWEI Vision devices simply by dragging the corresponding icons. For example, dragging and dropping is all it takes to switch the tablet audio to a pair of FreeBuds, or a film to the living room HUAWEI Vision.

The tablet offers a seamless user experience with its stackable Service Widgets of the same size, and combos of Service Widgets and shortcuts of different sizes, for easier access to your favourite content and features. The all-new Multi-Window feature turns the tablet into a standout multi-tasking tool by supporting up to four concurrent tasks. The new and improved App Multiplier feature allows you to open up to four ongoing tasks within a single app.

Kids Corner: Keep them entertained and protected
The HUAWEI MatePad SE is designed with the needs of kids in mind. And it comes with the Kids Corner to help parents to make sure the kids are safe while having fun with their tablets. Designed to be used by children at home, Kids Corner provides screen time control, multi-layered eye protection, and child-friendly content that balances learning and fun, such as the Drawing Board. Parents can manage the usage time, apps, and content on Kids Corner. They can set multiple time limit intervals throughout the day or separate screen time limits for weekdays and weekends. Parents can control which apps children can access and select the videos and pictures that children can see using the content management settings.

The Multi-layered Eye Protection feature will help the kids avoid straining their eyes. It can detect if the kids are lying flat while using the tablet and prompt them to adjust their postures. The blue light filter turns the colour temperature from blue to warm, lowering the proportion of blue in the spectrum and significantly reducing blue light to protect the eyes and prevent myopia. If kids use the tablets in a moving vehicle or while walking, the tablet can warn them as it can cause eye strain. It also offers an eBook Mode for more comfortable reading on the tablet.

Sleek and comfortable, yet rugged
As a tablet designed for everyone in the family, the HUAWEI MatePad SE is built to be easy to use and durable. It is incredibly lightweight, at just 440 g, and has a sleek body with a micro-curve design for the middle frame. Not only does it make the tablet look thinner, but it also makes it easy to fit better in hand. Whether you are using it at home or on the go, the lightweight tablet is comfortable to hold even for extended periods.

It has a durable middle frame that can withstand drops, collisions, and impacts from heavy objects. It has also passed stringent squeeze tests and turned out to be able to bear 10 kg weight on the screen while staying intact.

Last but not least, the HUAWEI MatePad SE features a brand-new, high-performance antenna design for improved signal capture capability. This results in better network connection even when the signal is weak or multiple devices are on the network. So, you get smooth video streaming and hassle free online gaming in every corner of the house with ultra-low latency.

The HUAWEI MatePad SE is an incredibly versatile tablet you can get without forking out a lot of money. It has nailed the formula for a family entertainment tablet; an expansive and vibrant display for stunning visuals, reliable performance, loud and clear speakers for maximum immersion, and a host of other smart features that let you make the best use of the form factor.

Price and Availability in Saudi Arabia
The HUAWEI MatePad SE is available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a starting price of 699 SAR from Huawei’s online platforms as well as certified retailers, with purchases including a valuable gift bundle including HUAWEI Stereo Headset and a cover, available till January 31st.

HUAWEI MatePad 10.4”
Huawei also has an interesting offer on another version of its MatePad series, the HUAWEI MatePad 10.4” available now at a price of 1099, with gifts valid until January 31st , which include a HUAWEI Stereo Headset and a cover.