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Geneva Welcomes Spring with a World of Entertainment for the Family

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Geneva Welcomes Spring with a World of Entertainment for the Family

As Spring arrives in Geneva, gone are the days of crystalline frost, the city takes on the brilliance of flowers and greenery, making a stroll around the city’s many outdoor activities an attractive pastime for visitors and residents alike.

With its myriad offerings, Geneva is a haven for families and caters to travellers across different age groups; the city’s natural and cultural attractions provide endless activities for everyone. Enjoy a boat tour in Lake Geneva, Europe’s largest fresh water surface, with the scenery of the Alps and the Mont-Blanc to one side, and Jura mountains on the other. Visit Geneva’s Botanical Gardens and Conservatory where you will find several playgrounds, various trees to climb, and plenty of flora and fauna to enjoy. For an indoor activity, Geneva’s Natural History Museum is worth a visit, this place will not only entertain the children, but also will enrich their knowledge and leave parents at wonder with all the interesting facts about the planet and the different species living on it. For more mental stimulation visitors should head to the new interactive museum Exploracentre, which is a great place for children from the age of five where little adventurers will enjoy many interactive experiments, thematic workshops and animations that are sure to entertain on scientific, digital and environmental concepts.
Famous for being the capital of chocolate, you can’t visit Geneva without attending a chocolate workshop. It’s an interesting way to spend an afternoon together with the family, learning the secret of chocolate while indulging in tasting the best of what everyone likes. Another option is to have a tour at a chocolate factory and observe the making of chocolate bars and many other delicacies that you will, of course be able to taste afterwards. However, if you prefer the savoury taste, you can head to a traditional fondue restaurant to experience Swiss culture and conviviality. This will also be a great experience for family bonding with all the hands reaching out to one pot of melted cheese in the middle of the table. When choosing somewhere to eat, be assured that younger diners will have plenty of choice, as many restaurants in Geneva have a children’s menu on offer with many colourful, tasty and healthy options.
The welcoming atmosphere in Geneva is just one of the many factors that ensure families have an unforgettable experience. The bespoke services at the hotels, the fine dining experiences, Michelin-starred restaurants and a whole range of Halal foods all will make the tour within Geneva a pleasant one. Also, thanks to the many direct flights available, reaching Geneva was never easier when travelling from this region. Geneva International Airport is highly accessible, offering regular direct flights to and from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait and other cities. In addition, the airport serves as a hub to other key destinations all over the globe.