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Furniture Design For Sustainable Future


Furniture Design For Sustainable Future

6 – 16 November 2019
Opening reception: Wednesday, 6 November from 7 to 10 pm
In conversation with Rebecca Anne Proctor: 11 November, at 7 pm

  • Future Design for Sustainable Future is a design exhibition addressing the importance of climate change, and will coincide with Dubai Design Week.
  • The exhibition will present a selection of refurbished and upcycled antique and vintage furniture.
  • Future Design for Sustainable Future will make design more accessible through bespoke instalment payment pla
  • Fann A Porter gallery in collaboration with Zinjaar Vintage and Dubai Design Week is pleased to present Furniture Design for Sustainable Future, a design show featuring a new generation
  • of contemporary design based on refurbished and upcycled antique and vintage furniture.

Now that “Climate Change” has been urgently reframed as “Climate Crisis”, industries are turning their focus towards sustainability and refreshed modes of living, from the spaces we inhabit to the items that fill them. With architects and designers transforming sustainability from a trend into an integral way of thinking and living, the connotations of “vintage”, “upcycle” and “recycle” have adopted modern associations that no longer imply dated historical objects or niche novelty creations. Rather, sustainability has become a pressing motivation wherein being green equates authenticity and innovation that still pays homage to past aesthetic modes and tropes.

By targeting a broad audience in closer proximity to their homes –effectively providing a more intimate and less intimidating atmosphere in which to explore sustainable design – via The Workshop’s Jumeirah location, Furniture Design for Sustainable Future, is rooted in accessibility, demonstrating that the global conversation about sustainability and design’s integral role can be participated in by all facets of society, no matter the scale.

Antique and vintage furniture has a carbon footprint 16 times lower than new manufactures, and this exhibition highlights how patrons can have the best of both worlds – cutting edge design and peace of mind that in addition to supporting emerging talent from the region, their aesthetic choices and acquisitions are helping reduce landfill, carbon emissions and excessive consumption. Preserving the future while upholding the past, the joint efforts of The Workshop and Zinjaar Vintage encapsulate an important and increasingly global ethos that while the future is green, it needn’t negate the beauty, heritage and traditions of the past – and Furniture Design for Sustainable Future, is a taste of this thoughtful, hybrid generation of design contributing to a more sustainable world.

Furniture Design for Sustainable Future will also provide buyers the opportunity to purchase design pieces on an interest-free installment payment plan as part of its Art For All Collective initiative, dedicated to developing a sustainable personal and professional creative economy.