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Last Ramadan, Swedish beauty-tech brand FOREO won the hearts of families all over the world with the ‘Family Date’ Ramadan initiative. By spreading happiness and embracing the generous spirit of Ramadan, beauty tech brand FOREO gave back to those who couldn’t be with their loved ones.

During the entire month of Ramadan FOREO gave people across the world the opportunity to send a date to their loved ones with a personalized message to let them know that they were thinking of them during the holy month, completely free of charge.

When your loved one received the date, he or she had the option to send back a date to show their appreciation. By sending back a date to your loved one you automatically entered a chance to win a ticket back home for the Eid holidays to be reunited with your family.

Following this heartwarming campaign FOREO chose one lucky winner. Wessam Hamdy won and was flown from Dubai to Cairo during Eid to be reunited with her family who she hadn’t celebrated Eid with for over 7 years. The full video can be viewed here.

“I would like to thank FOREO from the bottom of my heart for the amazing opportunity to celebrate Eid with my family in Egypt, especially after being separated from them during the holy month of Ramadan. It was such a heartwarming initiative and has inspired many people around the world” says Wessam Hamdy, the winner of the FOREO Ramadan campaign.