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For the first time Panerai offers a watch with a gold case and bracelet

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For the first time Panerai offers a watch with a gold case and bracelet

Panerai is a trusted companion of explorers setting out for territories few dare to pursue, from the desolate reaches of the North Pole to forbidding dives hundreds of meters below the surface of the sea and expeditions to the distant abyss of outer space. The brand remains unwavering in its focus on creating instruments that are dependable in treacherous conditions and continues to invent novel solutions to enhance their performance. But Panerai also challenges itself to push limits and defy expectations in the realm of design codes. With the launch of the Panerai Luminor Due TuttoOro collection, Panerai reveals its first watches featuring gold bracelets.

Luminor Due TuttoOro imbues one of the most elegant watches in the Panerai portfolio with a greater aura of luxury. Slim contours and a tailored, uncomplicated style distinguish Luminor Due and allow it to transition from the most casual occasions to formal wear and complement wearers of any gender. The 38mm case and bracelet are forged from Panerai GoldtechTM, incorporating high copper content and platinum. Panerai GoldtechTM is a material that is integral to the Panerai identity. Copper contributes to the deep, red tone of the metal, while the platinum content ensures the color will remain radiant and true.