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Flavours of Travels and Homely Wonder Awaits at Lulu & The Beanstalk

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Flavours of Travels and Homely Wonder Awaits at Lulu & The Beanstalk

Comforting, curated and homegrown, Lulu & The Beanstalk, the newly opened bar, bookstore and café concept at ICD Brookfield Place, prides itself on its bespoke menu inspired by the beloved Mama Lulu. From craft cocktails, high quality coffee, comforting small dishes and hearty sharing platters, the menu is an ode to Mama Lulu’s magical, effervescent influence on founders, and granddaughters, Wafa Tajdin and Amirah Tajdin.

Head Chef Chris Assal, referred to Mama Lulu’s own recipe book, which offered him a wealth of inspiration. Inspired by Mama Lulu’s travels and stories, together with the cosy interiors, guests can tuck into a menu which offers a delicious spread of reimagined classics. At the core of the menu is the founders Black heritage which was a key source of inspiration for Chef Assal in weaving the story behind the menu which tied in his own British background where we see elements of Caribbean, African American and African diaspora touches across the dishes.

Offering diners a peek into Mama Lulus’ worldly sojourns from east to west, the menu is a melting pot of cultural influences, from the Carpaccio Goes East with garam masala, crusted beef carpaccio, and lime, to the Town & Country Fillet Steak with aged beef fillet, rarebit, and wild mushrooms, topped with local spinach.

With community and inclusivity at the forefront of the concept, diners can expect elevated hot platters for sharing. The Reef and Beef Platter includes a variety of perfectly cooked proteins, including grain-fed beef tenderloin, BBQ lobster, and favourites like macaroni cheese, onion rings, and French fries. The Garden Platter with moong dahl samosa, now now noodles, sweet potato patties, charred cabbage and relish, makhani dahl, paratha’s, kachkumber salad, and bajai kundi gives diners a healthier alternative.

Bringing to life childhood favourites, the dessert menu pays homage to quintessential classics such as Popsicles on Iced Fruit Plate or Mama Lulu’s Favourite Pudding made of corn milk with chocolate crumble topped with tangy raspberry pearls and coconut sorbet. The Dark Chocolate Mousse packs a punch with 70% dark chocolate, homemade cinnamon and graham crackers. Giving a twist to the typical, the star anise-infused Boozy Bay Sorbet is something not to miss.

The cocktail menu takes guests on a journey through Mama Lulu’s adventurous life in drinks. Dynamic and daring, the signature cocktails are a tale of travels, places, and personalities, from November in Nairobi with gin, martini dry and vermouth bianco to The Aunty Lou with elderflower liqueur, rosé martini, fresh basil, orange bitters and sparkling rosé. Signature mocktails include out-of-the-box concoctions such as We Stay Dreamy with condensed milk and almonds, vanilla essence infused with rice water, or the Sparkling Carrot with a homemade orange, sparkling water, mandarin and carrot blend. Head bartender Matteo Trotta and his team bring their unique Italian flavour to the very diverse and inclusive energy of not only the menu but the space itself.

Lulu & The Beanstalk is the perfect hangout spot on an evening to enjoy cocktails and comfort eats while catching a vibe with the line-up of DJs spinning tracks until late on Fridays or just go for their killer playlists on any cosy weeknight.