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Life Style Luxury Restaurants


Located at the Mirdif Hills Avenue Mall, the quaint yet charming cafe and restaurant Room 1618 opened its doors in April. Since opening the venue has welcomed thousands of guests who have reveled and raved about the mouth-watering pastries provided by the talented team at Room 1618. From the signage to the setting, the venue oozes elegance and allure, with its substantial crystal chandelier hovering over guests adding just the right amount of glitz and glamour to every experience. The lavish lounge emanates neo-classic elegance with the elaborately embellished venue, from the grand velvet seating to the decadently decorated desserts Room 1618 delivers.

Room 1618 consists of a group of chefs from all over the world specialising in various skills unique to each of them. Hailing from all over Europe with experience from Michelin star kitchens the chefs have brought their expertise to Dubai and poured it into each of the items on the extensive menu. Much like the next chic lounge, Room 1618 boasts an ornate and polished bar where the Saudi national, head barista serves up the best brews and mocktails, each carefully curated and passionately poured. The core philosophy centers around an exuberant atmosphere with a homely touch. The hospitality, service, and offerings are an emblem of the essence of Room 1618’s character.

The pièce de résistance of the kitchen are freshly baked goods straight from the oven and perfectly plated for the guest. Whether patrons are craving a sweet or savory bite, the eloquent establishment has something for everyone. From the buttery, perfectly layered, flakey Nutella Pain au Chocolate to the warm and delectable Apple Galet and the cushioned Cheese Flat Bread, complete with Brie, halloumi, and a side of tantalizing spicy tomato jam, the aromas of freshly baked delights will be wafting through the air.