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Baofriend’s exquisite iftar spread to take your evenings up several notches this Ramadan

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Baofriend’s exquisite iftar spread to take your evenings up several notches this Ramadan

Combining the slightly sweet and fiercely tangy with the spicy sizzle of Asian fusion cuisine, this Ramadan Baofriend brings an exquisite iftar spread that’s giving guests even more reasons to enjoy their sunset meals. Food that is inspired by the bustling food streets of Asian hotspots, Baofriend’s culinary delights have made it Dubai’s top-favourite foodie hotspot in no time.

This Ramadan, starting from sundown to 10 pm every evening, Baofriend’s four-course set menu promises to tantalise patron’s tastebuds like never before. Offering the very best of Abbasoglu Special with assorted Turkish sweets and dates, bala-bala, a unique Asian fritter made with vegetables and served with tangy and spicy Thai sweet chilli sauce, and gado-gado, the well-loved mixed vegetable salad topped with creamy peanut sauce and crunchy crackers, the feast will also include miso lentil soup, a hearty and nutritious family favourite, that is sure to gratify customers.

Patrons can then choose a main course from delicious mains such as chicken wok-fried noodles that are cooked to perfection with crunchy mixed vegetables, bokchoy, and oyster sauce, Hambagu rice, one of Baofriend’s top favourites that comes with a succulent Wagyu beef patty, spicy cucumber, and irresistible Japanese slaw. The spread will also offer Kimchi ramen with chicken for those who love a bit of spicy and tangy, handcrafted by Baofriend’s incredible Indonesian chef and served with kimchi broth, bokchoy, and sesame.

Desserts include pisang goreng with crispy fried plantain served with vanilla ice cream and amazingly luscious dulce de leche that promises to transport guests to gastronome heaven. Guests can also get their hands on ‘Es Campur’ a cold Indonesian mixed-ice concoction made with jackfruit, avocado, grass jelly, and more.

For beverages, guests can choose from the refreshingly invigorating Rose Latte handcrafted to perfection with rose water, strawberry syrup, sugar syrup, and milk or the zesty Iftar Quencher made with cucumber juice, tangy lime juice, mint leaves, passion fruit and grenadine syrup, sweetened with sugar syrup, and completed with soda for that delightfully tangy pop.

This gorgeously colourful spread beckon gourmands in love with everything Asian fusion. Join us at Baofriend’s Dubai Silicon Oasis outlet during Ramadan to get a taste of pure bliss for just AED 69 per person.

Other Details-
When- 22nd March- 21st April, 2023
Time- Sunset – 10 PM
Contact- 04 287 5120
Address- Building A3, Dubai Digital Park, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE