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A perfect slice of Parisian culture in Dubai and Sharjah, Angelina Paris has launched a brand-new menu. Carefully curated with Middle Eastern ingredients, the café offers Parisian luxury accompanied with home comforts.

The Parisian café is known for its world famous L’Africain hot chocolate, bespoke pastries and romantic décor. Having launched their exquisite new breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, in both The Dubai Mall and Zero 6 Mall in Sharjah, guests can expect an array of dainty new dishes to tantalise their taste buds.

Craving something light, yet eye-catching to start the day? The newly curated breakfast menu features the ever-fashionable dish, the Açaí Bowl. A famous superfood originated from the Amazon; it revels in countless health benefits. Topped with exotic fruits, granola and chia seeds, it’s a dish that will leave you wanting more. Guests can also try dishes from Chocolate Banana Pancakes to Karak French Toast to Dubai Eggs Benedict. There is also The Middle Eastern, a creamy beetroot hummus recipe which oozes elegance.

For lunch, cheese lovers can try the Honey Baked Camembert. A creamy cheese rich in flavour, contrasted with various dried fruits and accompanied with Angelina’s signature spiced fig compote. Or perhaps for dinner, taste the Truffle Alfredo, topped with wild forest mushrooms flown over specially from France. The luxurious flavours make this dish the diamond of Angelina’s culinary journey. In the mood for something a bit closer to home? Try the Freekeh Salad, a glorious version of a traditional Middle Eastern dish with a twist. The meal will look like art on your plate, almost too good to eat! Finish off any lavish meal with a slice of Pistachio Cheesecake, indulge in the nutty flavour accompanied with berries to add a touch of fruitiness. Diners can also enjoy other new breathtaking dishes such as; Saffron Arancini, rice croquettes with a classic twist and Garden Seabass & Octopus, Octopus straight from the Spanish coast contrasting with a flaky and juicy Chilean Wild Sea Bass.

Angelina represents a brand of timeless luxury and symbolises the art of French living. Elegance, simplicity and tradition are just three things you can expect to find at Angelina Paris at their locations in The Dubai Mall and Zero 6 Mall, Sharjah.