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Amazónico Dubai, the award-winning Latin-American restaurant situated in the heart of the thriving DIFC, has launched a new collection of cocktails available exclusively on their iconic roof terrace. Inspired by the mythical and exotic inhabitants of the Amazon, the menu will transport guests through the sprawling rivers, lush jungles, and open skies of the vast rainforest, capturing the flavours and magic of the region.

Taking the helm with his vision and a firm commitment to sustainability is Head of Bars, Giannis Apostolopoulos, who’s brought his years of know-how and expertise to the creation of this unique menu. Beginning with Curassow, a gin-based highball with tropical touches of Peruvian Feijoa, lemon, lime, and pineapple soda, which takes its inspiration from the bird of the same name, with striking blue and black feathers.

The Alicanto, is akin to the mythical golden bird who feeds on stolen gold. A reimagined Old Fashioned with single malt aged in Caribbean casks, tangerine tincture and grapefruit topped with Brazilian salted pecans.

Inspired by the folklore and traditions of Peru is Tunche, known as a spirit which protects the rainforest. This drink is an imaginative version of the classic Paloma with grapefruit soda, mango, jalapeno, and Brazilian Cachaça, a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice.

The Maritaca is a unique concoction of Grey Goose vodka infused with peach, rosemary and fresh tarragon which gives it an illuminating green colour – mimicking the colourful Amazonian parrot.

Made with beautiful, handcrafted Mexican glassware, the Pina Tai is very special indeed. Its playful blend of Plantation rum infused with Victorian pineapples, green apples, and avocado orgeat (a syrup made from avocado pits) has a distinct yet subtle flavour, while using sustainable methods.

An ode to the iconic and oldest Latin-American landmark, the Tajin offers guests a spicy mix of lemons, limes, and chillies blended into a sour-spicy powder enveloping the glass. Inside, a blend of Tequila reposado from Patron, Raicilla from La Venenosa, and Mexican prickly pears await the palate.

Wild and unexpected, the Nazca Valley is served in a handcrafted glass with detailed engravings specifically imported from a family of artisans in Peru. The result is a one-of-a-kind symphony of Pisco treated with Maracuja, Muyu Jasmine Verte, fruit puree, and wild blueberry jam.

Set over three floors surrounded by beautiful foliage, Amazónico’s new stunning cocktail menu is exclusively available on the lush rooftop, where guests can enjoy the new creations along with Dubai’s sweeping skyline.

Open daily from 6 pm until 3 am 

For reservations, please call +971 4 571 3999 or email reservations@amazonico.ae