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A Serene Holiday At TheLifeCo

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A Serene Holiday At TheLifeCo

Emerging from the growing needs of people trying to prevent and cope with modern and toxic lifestyle; TheLifeCo Wellbeing is a peaceful holiday destination for detox programs, well-being therapies and stress relief activities to maintain a high level of well-being for our body and mind. It offers serenity and healthy living with special programs to achieve a healthier lifestyle through nutrition, stress management, mind and body cleansing, exercise and natural healing therapies overlooking a tranquil lakes and gardens to enjoy pure nature.
TheLifeCo’s detox programs were developed with specialists focusing on body, mind and spirit which helps with unhealthy lifestyle and body maintenance and cleansing to clean blood and repairs organs, cells and tissues.
TheLifeCo offers many programs at its well-being centers; starting from Detox and Cleanse, to Weight Loss, Better digestion, Anti-Aging, Liver Support, Diabetes Recovery, GetFit & Healthy, Cell Therapy, Water Fasting.
The programs at TheLifeCo are refreshing for mind and body based on juicing or green salad, or healthy nutritious eating plan with effective therapies and treatments (magneto-therapy, colon cleansing, salt therapy and ozone treatment), nutritious supplements, physical and spiritual exercises (mediation and yoga), mental wellness programs, educational lectures, nourishing food and raw-food workshops.
TheLifeCo offers anti-aging programme and motivational wellness talks to ensure that guests are well aware of how to keep up the healthy lifestyle . The program is based on raw plant-based nutrition and bio-identical harmone therapy where guests are served with fresh, raw and organic food, food supplements, healthy kitchen products to help to nourish the body and remove hidden toxins.
“The center is based on a result oriented model. We take every thing good to make a holistic health system. Its not easy for people to become mindful and meditative, but with the help of equipments we use at TheLifeCo we make people to go to into meditative state mindfulness very quickly. We use many equipments like bio hacking equipment and microdosing so you can have a different kind of healing journey.
On the other hand we add detox, plant based food solutions and many programs so people have differnt options to feel better. We are not following a single line , we follow the nature and holistic line and have all the layers of healing and natural therapies. Our success comes from the whole package we create . We aim to teach people good habits digitaly through our App so they can do healthy choices.” says Ersin Pamuksüzer; The Founder of TheLifeCo.
“Nutrition is one of the most important factors that affects our health. Nutrient-dense food increase our energy, give us vitality and help us feel much better. Most of the foods we eat today are high in calories and low in nutrition. Cooked food lose the nutrition when heated above 41°C, the structure of enzymes and proteins deteriorates and the food lose nutrients.
To maintain healthy lifestyle, my advise is to follow the nature. Eat plant based, raw and organic food, eat as little as possible, chew enough, and dont eat late. Hydrators, steaming, and freezdrying are good ways to cook food.
Its good to start the day with juices followed by healthy snacks and ending it by having a social meal with family and frineds. To take supplements of green plants powder is recommended.
When it comes to mental health try to be relax and zen with less stress so your body rejevenuate and produce new cells , its a very good way of anti aging and feeling good and keep self away from stess. Your body will start to age and die if it will be stressed.
The best way of detoxing is water fasting, intermediate fasting, master detox and green juicing . Also, the catagonic diet is one of the best ways. I recommend detoxing four times a year.” Pamuksüzer added.
TheLifeCo is a worldwide health and wellbeing retreat center located in 3 different locations; Bodrum, Antalya and Phuket with great view of the the rain-forested and mountainous island of Phuket. TheLifeCo Wellbeing centers have offered its services to thousands of guests providing an ultimate experience in cleansing, tranquility and rejuvenation focuses on detox, disease prevention, weight control, skin care, mental wellness and anti-aging supported with natural therapies, Spa facilities, yoga and massage areas and a professional medical staff.

April Adventure Awaits You! To book your next holiday at TheLifeCo; www.thelifeco.com