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8 Reasons Why the New HUAWEI Freebuds Pro Should be on Your Next Gadgets Wish List


8 Reasons Why the New HUAWEI Freebuds Pro Should be on Your Next Gadgets Wish List

We have all heard about Huawei’s latest flagship earphones – the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro – which comes with an iconic, smart and comfortable design in addition to intelligent dynamic active noise cancellation. As it’s available for pre-order these days in Saudi Arabia, let’s explore together the cool features of the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro.

An iconic and flamboyant design

The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro is your daily companion, no matter what you are wearing or where you are going these earphones will always blend in nicely. The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro are lightweight and have an imperceptible look creating a natural and comfortable fit with an ergonomic design. It draws inspiration from classic geometric aesthetics and the Piano. Additionally they come in three colours: Carbon Black, Ceramic White, and Silver Frost giving you more options to choose from in terms of outfit matching.

Get rid of unwanted noise no matter where you are

There is no need to stress yourself with pushing your earphones into your ears just to listen to a call clearly. Thankfully, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro comes with a cool feature called Intelligent Dynamic Active Noise Cancellation. This voguish technology enables you to hear clearly without noise interference and it adapts to the surrounding so as not to isolate important sound, which you need to hear. The dual microphones positioned inside and outside the earbuds can quickly identify your surrounding noise environment and automatically switch between three noise cancellation modes – Ultra Mode, Cozy Mode and General Mode to effectively cut out environmental noise. In addition, when on a call, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro uses a three-microphone Call Noise Cancellation System and Bone Voiceprint Call Noise Cancellation technology to filter out background noise thus providing you with clearer voice. Additionally, with the Awareness and Voice modes you hear the outside world, so let us assume you are watching an action packed movie with these earphones on and the doorbell rings, you would be able to hear it and open the door for whoever is coming to visit!

Power through your day

Having adequate power to go through your day in an earphone is equally as important as having top-quality audio, agree? Thankfully, Huawei’s latest premium earphones come with a long-life battery, which can provide 4.5 hours of power with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) enabled; without it, the battery can last a whopping 7 hours without needing to charge. It is not just the battery that is exemplary; the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro supports wired and wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge. With this battery and technology at your disposal you will never have to worry about running out of power during an important conference call or when watching your favourite series!

Connect to dual devices and switch smoothly between them

One of the very cool features of these high-end earphones is their ability to connect to dual devices at the same time and switch seamlessly between them. This feature comes in handy when listening to music on one phone and you get a call on another, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro will automatically switch between both devices providing you with an easy and smooth solution – you do not have to manually switch which definitely saves you lots of time!

Controls tailored for your convenience

The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro comes with a free, minimalist, and smart interactive experience. With these high-end earphones, you can effortlessly enable active noise cancellation, adjust the volume, answer calls, press play, and switch songs right from the earphone stems. The controls are simple – all you simply need to do is swipe or pinch a specific area on the earphone stems to activate/deactivate Intelligent Dynamic Active Noise Cancellation hold and control the world of sound in your hands.

Never lose connection

You might sometimes be in a crowded and complicated area, which might affect the Bluetooth signal between your phone and the earphones. This is something you want to avoid especially during calls. The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro’s smart dual-antenna ensure you always get 360° omnidirectional coverage, stable connection, and no lag in calls, thus providing you with a premium audio experience for all your needs.

Easy to use

For your convenience, you can easily pair your HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro. A pop-up notification will appear on your smartphone asking to connect. After the first pairing, every time you open the charging case, the device will automatically pair up and notify with a pop-up notification for your convenience.