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The luxury escapes of Nikoi and Cempedak Private Islands, offer guests the perfect luxury escape with the preservation of the islands’ natural beauty as a priority and responsible tourism at the heart of operations.

One of the truly unique aspects of Nikoi Island is the use of driftwood in the building of the accommodation, bars and dining areas. It involved a huge effort over several years to recover these logs from their beaches as well as on surrounding islands. Some pieces such as the 9m long timber used to make the dining room tables are truly magnificent.

The success of Nikoi inspired the owners to take what they had learnt to another level and thus the seed for sister island Cempedak was planted. On Cempedak, sustainable practices see the extensive use of bamboo in the buildings. With the experience of some extraordinary specialists and years of planning, Cempedak is truly unique. In the design and structure of the building work the rooms are naturally ventilated and there are no air conditioners in the villas. With the master bedrooms raised 3m off the ground and a vaulted ceiling, the natural horizontal and vertical ventilation helps keeps the rooms at a comfortable temperature. Fans have been incorporated inside the mosquito nets to help keep guests cool at night.

When it comes to food – what can’t be grown on the islands’ farms is sourced as much as possible from local markets and small traders. This means Cempedak and Nikoi are able to obtain the freshest ingredients which are known to have been organically farmed.

The properties employ a full-time Sustainability Manager and Marine Conservation Officer to help implement the islands’ policies and an important aspect to their approach to responsible tourism has been to ensure that the team not only help protect the environment but where possible help to restore it and an important task in protecting the environment is to educate both guests and the local population alike.

In November, Nikoi Island and The Island Foundation received a World Tourism Award in recognition of Nikoi Island and its commitment to sustainability by having a positive impact on the local culture, community, conservation; and for establishing the Island Foundation in 2010, which is transforming education for Riau’s island communities through the creation of 8 learning centres.

Both islands, just 85km from Singapore, offer their guests the chance to truly go barefoot from the moment they step off the boat onto the island’s private jetty and escape the hustle of city life. For families Nikoi is the Island to visit as it is home to diversity of nature and activities that keep both children and adults endlessly entertained. Sister Island Cempedak is the ultimate retreat for adults offering a tranquil undisturbed vacation for those in need of a complete switch off.